Russian plane crash

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62 Die in Russia Plane Crash

FlyDubai jet crashed on second landing attempt

(Newser) - All 62 people on board a flight from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don were killed when the Boeing 737-800 crashed on landing in the Russian city, authorities say. Poor visibility and high winds are suspected to be factors in the crash, reports the BBC . The FlyDubai jet is believed to have abandoned... More »

Russian Plane Plunged Vertically Into Ground

Investigators still not sure what caused crash

(Newser) - Investigators still aren't sure what caused a Russian plane to crash last night , killing everyone on board, but an official says video shows that the Tatarstan Airlines plane "was vertical, practically vertical" as it plunged into the runway. The pilot had tried to land the Boeing 737 several... More »

Russia Now World's Most Dangerous Nation to Fly

Series of deadly crashes blamed on lax regulation

(Newser) - Russia is now, mile for mile, the deadliest place in the world to fly, the Wall Street Journal finds. Nine fatal crashes—including one that killed an entire professional hockey team —have claimed a total of 140 lives. While eight of the crashes involved old Soviet-era aircraft, experts say... More »

Cause of Deadly Hockey Plane Crash: Pilot Hit Brake

Had crew realized the problem, takeoff could have been aborted

(Newser) - A tragic coda to the story of the Russian hockey team that perished in a plane crash in September: The accident was caused because one of the pilots accidentally pressed the brakes during takeoff, officials revealed today. The New York Times calls it an "extraordinarily basic human error,"... More »

Navigator in Russian Plane Crash 'Was Drunk'

47 killed in June disaster

(Newser) - The navigator for a Russian passenger flight that crashed in June was “in a condition of alcoholic intoxication,” a rep for the country's top investigative body told state television yesterday. Some 47 people were killed when the RusAir Tupolev-134 hit a highway in northwest Russia just before... More »

Only Player to Survive Russia Plane Crash Dies

Alexander Galimov suffered burns from disaster

(Newser) - The only hockey player to survive last week’s plane crash in Russia died today of his injuries, the Hockey News reports. Alexander Galimov, 26, died from burns over 90% of his body, said a Moscow hospital. The only other crash survivor, a member of the plane’s crew, is... More »

Russian Hockey Team Dies in Plane Crash

Just one team member reportedly among survivors

(Newser) - Just two people survived a crash today that claimed almost an entire Russian ice hockey team. The Yak-42 plane, which was carrying the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team to Minsk for the season opener, crashed to the ground and caught fire immediately after take-off at 4pm Moscow time. RIA Novosti reports that... More »

Russia Plane Crash Kills 44

RusAir Tu-134 comes down on highway in heavy fog

(Newser) - A passenger plane slammed into a highway in Russia last night, killing 44 people and critically injuring eight others. The Rusair Tupolev-134 aircraft crash-landed in heavy fog a mile short of the runway at Petrozavodsk, 400 miles north of Moscow. A 10-year-old boy and a girl who may be his... More »

Polish Leaders to Blame for Crash That Killed Prez: Report

Russian investigation says crew was under psychological pressure

(Newser) - The plane crash that killed Poland’s president and 95 others can be blamed, at least partially, on Polish leaders, Russian investigators have determined. In a report that shifts responsibility away from the crew of the plane, investigators say the pilots, who crashed at a Russian airport, were under psychological... More »

2 Dead as Russian Jet Loses Engines, Crash Lands

Same Tu-154 plane Polish president died in

(Newser) - A Russian jet that lost two engines at 30,000 feet lost its remaining engine as it crash-landed outside Moscow today, killing two people and injuring another 40, reports the AP. The cause of engine failure was unclear, officials said. The Dagestan Airlines Tu-154 is the same model that crashed... More »

Pilots Blamed for Russian Plane Crash

Russians: Pilots ignored fog warnings

(Newser) - Error by Polish pilots likely caused the Russian plane crash that killed Poland's president, his wife, and 94 others, according to Russian officials. Investigators have ruled out any technical flaws in the Russian-made plane and blamed pilots for ignoring control tower warnings not to land in heavy fog. "The... More »

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