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At Root of Russian Crash: Something Pilots Forgot

Heating unit related to the pressure measurement equipment wasn't turned on

(Newser) - Investigators say the crash of a Russian passenger plane that killed all 71 people on board may have been caused by the pilots' failure to activate heating for pressure measurement equipment, resulting in flawed speed data. The Interstate Aviation Committee said Tuesday, after studying the plane's flight data recorder,... More »

Cause of Russian Jet Crash: Pilot Bravado?

'Joy flight' pilot approached mountain infamous for crashes

(Newser) - The crash of a Russian jet during a demonstration flight in Indonesia last week may have been caused by pilot bravado, Der Spiegel finds. The flight was all about offering a spectacular show to journalists and potential buyers, and the captain of the Sukhoi SuperJet-100, despite his inexperience, appears to... More »

Cause of Deadly Hockey Plane Crash: Pilot Hit Brake

Had crew realized the problem, takeoff could have been aborted

(Newser) - A tragic coda to the story of the Russian hockey team that perished in a plane crash in September: The accident was caused because one of the pilots accidentally pressed the brakes during takeoff, officials revealed today. The New York Times calls it an "extraordinarily basic human error,"... More »

Pilot Screw-Up Almost Flips Jet

He mistook the rudder trim nob for the cockpit door lock

(Newser) - This will go down in the annals of wacky pilot screw-ups: An All Nippon Airways passenger jet rolled over 131.7 degrees earlier this month—putting it almost belly-up—because a pilot accidentally turned the rudder trim knob instead of the one unlocking the cabin door, Japan’s Transport Safety... More »

Air France Pilots Didn't Know What Was Happening

Neither co-pilot had been trained for sensor malfunctions, new report says

(Newser) - The crew piloting a doomed Air France jet over the Atlantic did not appear to know that the plane was in a stall, despite repeated warning signals, and never informed the passengers that anything was wrong before the jet plunged into the sea, according to new findings released today. Based... More »

Co-Pilot Adjusts Seat, Plane Plunges

Report exposes crazy Air India near-disaster

(Newser) - The 113 passengers aboard an Air India flight earlier this year almost didn't survive the pilot's bathroom break, reports CNN . The co-pilot adjusted his seat while the pilot was out of the cockpit, accidentally bumping the control column and sending the plane into a sudden, steep 7,000-foot dive, according... More »

Pilots Blamed for Russian Plane Crash

Russians: Pilots ignored fog warnings

(Newser) - Error by Polish pilots likely caused the Russian plane crash that killed Poland's president, his wife, and 94 others, according to Russian officials. Investigators have ruled out any technical flaws in the Russian-made plane and blamed pilots for ignoring control tower warnings not to land in heavy fog. "The... More »

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