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5-Foot-Long Hairball Found Inside 15-Year-Old

She suffered from Rapunzel Syndrome

(Newser) - It's called the Rapunzel syndrome, but there's nothing fairytale-like about the condition. In layman's terms, it's a massive hairball that extends from one's stomach into the small intestine or beyond. As io9 explained in 2013, hair is made of keratin, a substance so steely that... More »

Grossest Things Pulled From the Human Body

How about a 10-pound hairball?

(Newser) - Humanity pulls appalling stunts so routinely they're the norm, but some things are truly disturbing. Cracked runs down a list of the seven most terrifying things to ever be pulled from a human body:
  • A hairball: Surgeons pulled a 10-pound, foot-long one out of 18-year-old woman in Chicago in 2007.
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2 Stories