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Anti-Abortion Paladino Rents to Planned Parenthood

Candidate says lease left him no choice

(Newser) - Carl Paladino's distaste for man-on-man action didn't stop him renting to a gay club , and his firm anti-abortion views haven't stopped him collecting rent checks from Planned Parenthood. The New York candidate—who says he opposes abortion even in cases of rape or incest—is the landlord for a Niagara... More »

Paladino's Rage: It's Becoming a Problem

His anger may be hurting, not helping, his candidacy

(Newser) - In a political season defined by anger, Carl Paladino's rage stands out, says the New York Times . Though some say he's merely tapping into voter dissatisfaction, others think the racist-email-sending , mud-slinging , reporter-fighting candidate for NY governor has taken things too far—including, apparently, members of his own party. “I’... More »

Carl Paladino Still Must Explain His Racist Emails

Bob Herbert: New Yorkers deserve to hear much more about his views

(Newser) - Carl Paladino's camp has dismissed the controversy over his forwarding of racist, sexist, and pornographic emails as "bad judgment." Not nearly good enough, writes Bob Herbert at the New York Times . After all, the man is running for New York governor, and "the images and videos are... More »

NY Gov Hopeful's Emails Feature Racism, Porn, Bestiality

Tea party candidate Carl Paladino blames Democrats for 'smear'

(Newser) - One week after announcing his candidacy for governor of New York, Carl Paladino was on the hot seat today after an upstate political blog released racist, sexist, and pornographic emails the wealthy developer allegedly sent. The tea partier issued a statement today saying the messages were "just another liberal... More »

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