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Ad for Women's Razor Takes a Novel Approach

Billie claims to be first to actually show hair in advertisement

(Newser) - "The world pretends it doesn't exist. But it does. We checked." That declaration in the latest ad from Billie is talking about women's body hair, and not only is the razor company revealing body hair's presence—it's embracing it with eye-catching visuals. USA Today ... More »

Armpit Hair Fire Triggers Car Crash

A prank on a driver goes very wrong in Boise, Idaho

(Newser) - Police say five teenagers are lucky to be alive after an early Sunday rollover crash in Boise, Idaho. The cause? Burning armpit hair. Three boys and two girls, aged 15 to 18, suffered non-life-threatening injuries—a fortunate feat as police say none were wearing seat belts and two were thrown... More »

5 Body Parts We Really Don't Need

Wisdom teeth, tailbones, and male nipples top the list

(Newser) - With so many body parts, can we expect them all to be useful? LiveScience lists those that do bugger-all, like wisdom teeth and body hair. To wit:
  • Wisdom teeth: Our jaws have gotten smaller, so wisdom teeth can't fit anymore. Plus dental hygiene keeps our teeth from falling out
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Body Hair Is Bedbug Warning System

Our layer of fine hairs aids parasite detection: study

(Newser) - Scientists who wondered why human skin still boasts as many follicles as that of great apes—ours, of course, grow hair much, much finer—believe our species' continued hairiness serves as an alarm system that protects us from bedbugs and other biting insects, the Economist finds. The researchers, who shaved... More »

An Ode to Hairy Chests

They're natural, and that's sexy: Tracy Clark-Flory

(Newser) - There’s a key issue we’re forgetting in this whole Anthony Weiner scandal: His hairlessness, both on his chest and, apparently, elsewhere . “Depilation is increasingly visible among straight men, and it's a damn shame,” writes Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon . Sure, some women like men “as... More »

What's the Deal With Unshaven Women?

Role models like Mo'Nique remind girls they have a choice

(Newser) - Mo’Nique’s hairy legs during this year's awards season put personal grooming in the spotlight: Are women who skip shaving taking a stand or just grossing other people out? Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls tells the New York Times , “People assume you’re making a statement, but... More »

6 Stories