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Van der Sloot to Marry Pregnant Girlfriend

Nothing to do with US extradition, lawyer says

(Newser) - In a move Joran Van der Sloot's lawyer says has nothing to do with potential extradition to the US, the Dutch murderer is set to marry his pregnant girlfriend in a Peruvian prison. There have been rumors of marriage before, but the lawyer tells the AP that legal formalities... More »

Century Later, Conjugal Visits to End in Mississippi

Leaving 5 states that allow them, down from 17 in 1993

(Newser) - Only six states allow prisoners conjugal visits—and the state where the practice began roughly a century ago, Mississippi, is poised to halt (but not legally ban) those visits Feb. 1. The prison commissioner in the state, where 155 of some 22,000 inmates had such visits last year, blames... More »

Joran Van der Sloot Is Getting Married

Conjugal visitor to wed convicted killer

(Newser) - Well, it's official: There really is someone for everyone, even literal lady killer Joran Van der Sloot. The convicted killer and alleged extortionist intends to get married next month in the Peruvian prison where he's serving a 28-year sentence, his lawyer, Maximo Altez, has announced. "He wants... More »

NY Prisons OK Same-Sex Conjugal Visits

Partners must be married or in civil unions

(Newser) - New York prisons will now officially allow gay inmates to receive conjugal visits from same-sex partners—so long as the couple are in a civil union or same-sex marriages. The new rules will also allow a partner to take a prison furlough if their lover is terminally ill, reports the... More »

Inmate Kills Lover During Conjugal Visit

Prison blasted after 'romantic' visit ends in murder

(Newser) - German prison authorities are being slammed after a convicted rapist and murderer killed his lover during an unsupervised 6-hour conjugal visit. Two knives and a monkey wrench were found next to the woman's corpse when guards opened the "love cell" after the couple's time was up, Der Speigel reports.... More »

5 Stories