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Simpsons Marathon to Air All 552 Episodes

FXX cable network will also show the movie

(Newser) - Need to brush up on your Homer-isms or catch up on what’s been going on in Springfield before The Simpsons starts its 26th season in September? Then clear your calendar and prepare to do absolutely nothing for 12 days later this summer: The FXX cable network has announced that... More »

Now 'The Simpsons' Have Ticked Off Argentina

Lenny and Carl share some unenlightened views about Juan Peron

(Newser) - "The Simpsons" may be a pop culture staple in South America, but they sure have a knack for stirring up trouble there. A week after Venezuela objected to its content, Argentines are in a huff over anti-Perón comments in a new episode, the Washington Post reports. Says Homer's... More »

'Superbad' Still Has Soul at Box Office

Out-laughs the competition for second week; highest-grossing debut is 'Mr. Bean'

(Newser) - Movie fans are filling the last week before school starts by going to the flicks their friends liked: “Superbad,” “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “Rush Hour 3” kept drawing them in with the top 3 spots this week. Rowan Atkinson's “Mr. Bean's Holiday” took surprise swipes... More »

'Superbad' Scores Super Big

Low-budget teen comedy rakes in $31.2M at box office despite R rating

(Newser) - Ribald teen romp "Superbad" triumphed at the box office this weekend, raking in $31.2 million despite an R rating and a modest budget under $20 million, reports Variety. It marks the seventh biggest opening for an R-rated comedy, edging out Judd Apatow's other summer hit, "Knocked Up,... More »

Americans Race to 'Rush Hour 3'

Franchise's third film fails to match second installment

(Newser) - Critics tried to slash its tires, but Rush Hour 3 still raced to the top of the box office this weekend. The Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker vehicle gauged $50.2 million according to studio estimates, though falling short of the franchise’s second installment Rush Hour 2, which earned $67.4... More »

Mmm . . .Good Reviews

Critics agree The Simpsons Movie is funny, but could have been more daring

(Newser) - Critics are overwhelmingly pleased by The Simpsons Movie, even if they agree it doesn't push the envelope further than usual. By all accounts, rapid-fire sight gags and one-liners keep diehards and casual fans alike in giggles. Even naysayers, like the LA Times, don't argue it's not funny, just that it... More »

African Villagers Sold on the Simpsons

Tribe members market soapstone carvings of the cantankerous family

(Newser) - Villagers in a remote Kenyan village are thrilled about tomorrow’s premiere of The Simpsons movie, but not because it’s playing in a theater near them. Most, in fact, have never even seen the TV show. But their soapstone busts of the cartoon characters have been declared official Simpsons... More »

Springfield, Vt., Takes 'Simpsons' Honors

Beats out 13 other Springfields to host movie premiere July 21

(Newser) - Springfield, Vt., edged out 13 other Springfields to win the right to host the July 21 premiere of The Simpsons movie—set, of course, in Springfield. Voters in an online poll chose the video homage by the team from the Green Mountain State, a spoof of the show's opening sequence. More »

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