Sarah Palin California controversy

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Journos Caught on Mic Trashing Palin Speech

Video catches reporters panning 'rollercoaster' speech

(Newser) - For as much as Sarah Palin likes to trash the "lamestream media," they trashed her right back during her much-hyped speech Friday night at a California university fundraiser—inadvertently, and on a live mic. Unidentified reporters were caught on a video of the speech lighting into Palin even... More »

Palin Contract: Suite Life, Lear Jets, No Questions

Unearthed contract sparks California probe

(Newser) - It turns out "woman of the people" Sarah Palin insists in her speaking contracts on luxury suites, first-class airfare or Lear jet travel and no questions from the rabble in the audience. That's what's in the contract dug from the trash by an enterprising group of California college students... More »

2 Stories