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Woman Dies After Hotel Butt Injection

British woman flew to US for cosmetic procedure

(Newser) - A young British woman who flew to America in hopes of a better butt died after undergoing illegal buttock-enhancing surgery in a Philadelphia hotel. The 20-year-old traveler died after an injection of liquid silicone, which is not approved for cosmetic surgery in the US. Police, who are seeking two suspects,... More »

Sales of 'Big Butt' Panties Soar

Looks like this trend isn't going anywhere

(Newser) - Perhaps you scoffed when you first read about Booty Pop padded panties , but the line has gone from being hawked on late-night infomercials to Bath & Beyond and Target.com—and nearly 1 million sales are expected this year. It was started by two college friends who read about the... More »

Your Butt Job Could Kill You

Just because Heidi Montag did it doesn't mean it's a good idea

(Newser) - All you wanted was a more ample rear—heck, Heidi Montag did it and she’s fine, right?—but you might walk out with abscesses, kidney damage, or a pulmonary embolism. Why are butt augmentations so dangerous? Well, they’re not—necessarily—worse than other plastic surgery procedures; they’re... More »

3 Stories