butt augmentation

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Maryland Woman Dies After Basement Butt Injection

'Doctor' fled scene instead of calling 911 as victim gurgled

(Newser) - Driving across state lines with one's mother in tow in hopes of having an unlicensed stranger inject silicone in your butt in said stranger's basement apartment was never going to end well, but it ended fatally Saturday for a Maryland woman, NYPD sources tell WUSA . Kelly Mayhew immediately... More »

Your Butt Job Could Kill You

Just because Heidi Montag did it doesn't mean it's a good idea

(Newser) - All you wanted was a more ample rear—heck, Heidi Montag did it and she’s fine, right?—but you might walk out with abscesses, kidney damage, or a pulmonary embolism. Why are butt augmentations so dangerous? Well, they’re not—necessarily—worse than other plastic surgery procedures; they’re... More »

2 Stories