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US Is Pissed, and It Won't Stop Nov. 2

Only economic recovery can soothe the country's anger

(Newser) - Carl Paladino, New York's gay-bashing , racist email-sending gubernatorial candidate, may be the most "clownish" illustration of American rage, but he's no anomaly, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times . And, like the "farcical" Christine O'Donnell, Paladino is a "political loss-leader" whose probable defeat lets us laugh... More »

Cool the Rhetoric, or Expect More McVeighs

Conservatives, practice what you preach on self-control

(Newser) - With the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing upon us, Kathleen Parker surveys the caustic state of today's political debate ("Don't retreat. Reload," etc.) and worries that another lone nut like Timothy McVeigh or John Hinckley might emerge. "If Jodie Foster could bestir the imagination of... More »

2 Stories