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Namibia 'Bomb' Just a Security Test: Germany

Suspicious suitcase contained a prop, not explosives

(Newser) - The suspicious device found aboard a Namibian flight bound for Germany was a harmless fake designed to test local security, German authorities said today. “It is a so-called ‘real test suitcase’ from a US company,” Germany’s interior minister told Reuters . “This company produces alarm and... More »

Namibia Stops Suspected Bomb Bound for Germany

Detonator found in Air Berlin baggage

(Newser) - A flight bound for Germany was delayed after authorities in Namibia found what may have been a bomb in a piece of luggage being screened at Windhoek airport, the BBC reports. The bag, checked in for an Air Berlin flight to Munich, contained batteries, a running watch and a detonator,... More »

Grounded Airlines Want Ban Lifted

After test flights, carriers push for reevaluation; UK hold extended

(Newser) - Some airlines have conducted their own test flights and want the ban on most flights over Europe ended, but UK airspace will remain closed until tomorrow evening at the earliest. Air Berlin, Air France/KLM, and Lufthansa have sent aircraft through the cloud of volcanic ash that's crippled air travel for... More »

3 Stories