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Nicole Kidman Recalls a Benefit of Marriage to Tom Cruise

It offered her 'protection' from sexual harassment

(Newser) - Since their split in 2001, Nicole Kidman has remained relatively mum about what happened to break up her marriage to Tom Cruise. Now, the Washington Post notes, she's spilling on at least "one aspect of their relationship that she hasn't discussed before." That revelation comes via... More »

Sudan Asks Russia for Protection From US

The Sudanese president accused the US of 'aggressive actions'

(Newser) - Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said on a visit to Russia Thursday that his country needs protection from the US and could serve as a gateway to Africa for Moscow, the AP reports. Al-Bashir, speaking at the start of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Black Sea resort... More »

Let's Build $8M Fake White House: Secret Service

Agency wants mansion facsimile to serve as training grounds for recruits

(Newser) - Stung by breach after breach after breach after gaffe at the White House, the Secret Service is asking Congress for $8 million—so it can build another White House. New Director Joseph Clancy will today ask the House Appropriations Committee for $8 million to construct a detailed replica of the... More »

Congress Protects Sharks Against 'Finning'

Measure bans hunt to satisfy Asia's taste for soup

(Newser) - Both the House and Senate have approved new protections for sharks, effectively outlawing the practice of "finning"—in which the shark is killed for its fin and the rest of the body discarded, reports the Washington Post . Thanks to big demand for shark fin soup in Asia, the... More »

In Japan, Sun Sets on Yakuza Mob Scene

Japan's criminal gangs are losing their semi-legitimate status

(Newser) - The role of the yakuza in Japanese society has always been hard for Westerners to understand. Since the 1950s the mafia-like organization has been tolerated by government and the public, trusted to run gambling and prostitution rackets with a modicum of respect for social order. But as a tough economy... More »

Trump Houses Hudson, Family

Hudson and relatives stay at Trump Tower for free

(Newser) - Donald Trump has been sheltering Jennifer Hudson and some relatives in his swanky, self-named tower for free since the Oscar-winner's mother, brother, and nephew were murdered last month, People reports. “She's a great girl. And we're protecting them well,” the mogul says. More »

Campaign Costly for Secret Service

Department nees $9.5 million more than budgeted, leaders say

(Newser) - The Secret Service has asked for an additional $9.5 million to cover the costs of protecting candidates during this year's campaign—already the longest and costliest in agency history, AP reports. The department had budgeted $107 million, up from $73 million in 2004, but between the marathon primary season,... More »

No Charges for Texas Man Who Shot Neighbor's Burglars

Laws covering deadly force under scrutiny

(Newser) - A Texas grand jury’s decision to take no action against Joe Horn, who killed two burglars on his front lawn, has focused attention on the state’s “deadly force” laws, the Houston Chronicle reports. Horn’s life was not in danger until he confronted the thieves fleeing his... More »

Protect Her Like You Promised

Dutch must keep free-speech advocate alive, Rushdie and Harris argue in the LAT

(Newser) - Former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi deserves “the freedoms of speech and conscience we take for granted," argue Salman Rushdie and Sam Harris—who urge the Dutch to keep protecting her from Islamic killers. The Dutch promised protection in 2002, and should “recognize a scandal in the making”... More »

Feds Arrest 29 Illegals in New Haven

Raid follows controversial ID cards for undocumented immigrants

(Newser) - Immigration agents arrested 29 illegal immigrants in New Haven on Wednesday, two days after the city OKed a new program to give municipal ID cards to illegals. The Mayor was skeptical of the timing, suggesting the feds targeted the city politically. "There are in America 11,000 cities, towns... More »

Accord Reached On Trade Deals

Dems, White House agree to labor and environmental protection in pacts

(Newser) - Democrats have struck a deal with the White House that beefs up labor and environmental standards in pending free-trade pacts, clearing the way for agreements with Peru, Panama,  South Korea, and Colombia. Provisions will be written into future deals banning forced labor, child labor and workplace discrimination, the Washington ... More »

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