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Botched Breast Procedure Kills Aussie Woman

A Chinese tourist injected patient with fatal dose of anesthesia at salon

(Newser) - A 35-year-old woman died after a botched breast procedure in which a Chinese tourist gave her a lethal dose of anesthesia, police said. Jean Huang went into cardiac arrest during the procedure on Wednesday, ABC News Australia reports, and died two days later. Jie Shao, 33, who had been in... More »

Woman Gets Uniboob in Botched Surgery

Make sure your surgeon is certified, plastic surgery board urges

(Newser) - In the 48 states where doctors don't need to be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons to perform plastic surgery, unwary patients run the risk of ending up like Dinora Rodriguez, experts warn. The 40-year-old woman was left with a merged "uniboob" by an uncertified surgeon... More »

Are Fake Boobs Going Bust?

Even Hollywood is looking for the real thing

(Newser) - It's hard to believe but the air might be going out of the overwhelming trend toward fake boobs. Sharon Osbourne is ditching her very inconvenient 34 Double D implants and is having them made into paperweights for hubby Ozzy. "They'll be better on his desk than on my chest,... More »

3 Stories