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Why We Should Stop Printing $100 Bills

In short, because only criminals use them

(Newser) - The really pretty amusing news that the US had screwed up in printing its latest batch of a billion new $100 bills got Timothy Noah of Slate wondering: “Why does the world need 1 billion $100 bills? Indeed, why does the US continue to print C-notes at all?” The... More »

Feds Quarantine $110B in Potentially Defective $100 Bills

New security features caused wide-scale printing problem

(Newser) - The new $100 bills were designed to thwart counterfeiters—but instead, the complex process required to create the high-tech bills has thwarted printers, resulting in $110 billion in currently unusable bills. The new hundreds, planned for roll-out in February, include a 3D security strip and color-shifting bell image—and producing... More »

$100 Bill Goes 3D

New security features designed to curb counterfeiting

(Newser) - The $100 bill is getting a new look and two high-tech security features to curb counterfeiters, the AP reports. A 3D security ribbon on the front has images of bells and 100s that move as you tilt the bill. The note, which is out next February, also has a Liberty... More »

3 Stories