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An Epic Voyage: 3 Years, 40K Miles in Canoe With No GPS

Traditional voyaging canoe Hokulea returns to Hawaii, ends trip around the world

(Newser) - No modern navigation instrumentation guided a Polynesian voyaging canoe as it followed the horizon on a three-year journey around the globe. About a dozen crewmembers for each leg of the voyage relied only on nature's cues—ocean swells, stars, wind, birds—and their own naau, or gut, to sail... More »

Canoeing, Surfing Orgs Fight Over Stand-Up Paddleboarding

A court will decide which sport gets to claim SUP

(Newser) - Ending an argument we're sure has happened at least once on a slow afternoon in a bar somewhere, a court will finally decide whether stand-up paddleboarding is closer to surfing or canoeing. The New York Times reports the Court of Arbitration for Sport has been asked to settle a... More »

Man Takes Cat Canoeing, Man Ends Up Dying

Loon Lake outing proved deadly

(Newser) - Taking a cat canoeing: dumb idea? For an Illinois man, it ended up being worse than that. Antioch officials say William Anderson, 46, along with a male and female companion, took the cat with them onto Loon Lake Sunday evening. When they were more than 200 feet from shore, the... More »

Explorers to Canoe for 9 Months— Upstream

Gulf-to-Arctic canoe journey has never been undertaken before

(Newser) - Paddling a canoe for up to 12 hours a day, sometimes while covered in ice, may not be every person's idea of a good time, but for six outdoor adventurers, that's exactly what they'll be doing until September. Iowans Luke Kimmes and Jarrad Moore, along with four... More »

Lewis and Clark Heirs Make Amends for Stolen Canoe

Explorers stole one from Chinooks in 1806s; tribe is getting one back

(Newser) - Descendants of Lewis and Clark are returning a canoe to the Chinook Indians in Washington state, more than two centuries after the exploring duo stole one from the tribe, reports the AP . Meriwether Lewis and William Clark took the canoe from the Indians who had shelthered them through the winter... More »

Canoeist: Whale Drowned My Pal

Breaching beast toppled boat, says survivor

(Newser) - A breaching whale flipped a canoe off the Massachusetts coast, drowning one of the two paddlers, the surviving boater told police. The men were surprised by a pod of whales that appeared next to them in Provincetown Harbor when one of the great beasts breached. Whales' leap from the water... More »

6 Stories