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Border Fights Erupt as Sudan Votes

23 dead in north-south clashes

(Newser) - Violence has broken out in Sudan as the country votes this week on southern independence , with at least 23 dead in fighting near the north-south border, the Guardian reports. Observers are carefully watching the Abyei region, which was promised its own referendum to decide whether it would join the north... More »

Parents Crack Over 'Broken Glass' iPhone Fight Game

'More blood' in latest version of slash game

(Newser) - An iPhone video game application that features virtual fighting with broken glass bottles and gushing blood is eliciting screams from parents. "Swing to slash! Thrust to stab!"players are told as they "break" bottles with a flick of the wrist and get down to it, reports the... More »

Left Plays 'Violence Card' to Demonize Us: Limbaugh

Obama 'makes us look evil as he tightens iron grip'

(Newser) - When liberals aim to discredit right-wingers, they accuse them of plotting violence, complains Rush Limbaugh. The current "meme to equate skepticism of the Obama administration with a tendency toward violence" is just like former President Clinton blaming "loud and angry" conservative commentators for the Oklahoma bombing, he writes... More »

3 Stories