Tony Stark

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The New Iron Man: a Female Black Teen

Marvel Comics is shaking things up yet again

(Newser) - Robert Downey Jr. better watch his back. Time reports Marvel Comics is getting a new—female—Iron Man: a black teenager named Riri Williams. Williams will be stepping into the role of Iron Man at the conclusion of the current Civil War II event. “She’s probably smarter than... More »

The Wealthiest Fictional Characters

'Twilight' vampire tops Forbes list; cartoon superheroes fare well

(Newser) - Upheaval in the financial sector has widespread implications—it even affects the annual Forbes rankings of the wealthiest fictional characters. Entering the list at No. 1 is Carlisle Cullen, the Twilight vampire patriarch, who has a serious advantage in that he's undead and has had 370 years to accumulate his... More »

2 Stories