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The Going Is Getting Tougher for World's Migratory Birds

Study finds only 9% have adequate protection along their routes

(Newser) - Migrating birds are impressive—one species is known to travel more than 6,800 miles in a single flight—but they're no match for human development, the Los Angeles Times reports. That's why researchers behind a study published Friday in Science say the world needs to band together... More »

Birds' V-Formation Explained

It's even more impressive than you probably imagined

(Newser) - OK, this is just cool: We all know birds fly in V-formations, but an in-depth study into the pattern using high-tech GPS sensors has found just how precise a science the flight model is. After tracking and monitoring a flock of northern bald ibises—rare birds raised in captivity that... More »

9/11 Tribute Traps Thousands of Dazzled Birds

Beams pull birds away from migratory path

(Newser) - This year's 9/11 memorial tribute ended up mesmerizing and trapping some 10,000 birds as they headed south for the winter. The Tribute of Light—beams of light projected where the Twin Towers once stood—was the brightest light in the area on that overcast night and birds relying on... More »

Capistrano Swallows Shun Church for Country Club

Famous California birds move upmarket

(Newser) - The famous swallows of Capistrano have flown straight past Capistrano this year to an upscale country club. The birds, who have migrated from Argentina to nest at the historic Mission San Juan Capistrano church in southern California for decades, have received a warm welcome at the 700-acre Vellano Country Club,... More »

Migrating Swifts Take Over LA Parking Garage

As many as 10K a night sleep over en route to breeding grounds

(Newser) - A 12-story Los Angeles parking structure has become an unlikely pit stop for an astonishing number of migrating birds, with tens of thousands of them holing up in an abandoned brick chimney overnight en route to breeding grounds in the Northwest, British Columbia and Alaska.The birds are Vaux's swifts—... More »

5 Stories