Harry Reid re-election

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Angle Vs. Reid: Pick Lesser of 2 Evils

Weary Nevadans don't really like either candidate

(Newser) - Given a choice between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle, some Nevadans are choosing "No, Thanks." In a dead-heat race between the man perceived as the elite, entrenched Washington insider and the woman perceived as somewhere between slightly wacky and dangerous, both candidates are making a single, sad case... More »

Durbin, Schumer Jockeying for Reid's Majority Post

Senators quietly maneuvering to move in if leader goes down

(Newser) - Capitol Hill housemates Charles Schumer and Richard Durbin are likely to end up fighting over a lot more than the breakfast cereal if Harry Reid loses his re-election battle. The senators from New York and Illinois, Reid's top two deputies, are subtly building support for bids to become majority leader—... More »

Reid Ad: Angle Sided With Domestic Abusers

Majority leader skewers rival over anti-restraining order vote

(Newser) - Republican Sharron Angle loves her some domestic abusers, and sided with them, "not the abused," while in the state legislature, according to the latest hard-hitting ad Harry Reid's campaign is unleashing on Nevada. The ad highlights Angle's vote against a bill that would force Nevada to honor restraining... More »

Reid Opposes Ground Zero Mosque

Facing re-election challenge, he breaks with Obama

(Newser) - Harry Reid broke with President Obama Monday to voice his opposition to the mosque and Islamic cultural center planned a few blocks from Ground Zero. A spokesman for the Senate majority leader, who faces a tough re-election bid in Nevada, said Reid respects freedom of religion "but thinks that... More »

Harry Reid Has Lucked Out

Tea Party has handed embattled majority leader a 'softball' opponent

(Newser) - The Tea Party movement may have just saved Harry Reid's bacon, writes Dana Milbank. The Senate majority leader was widely seen as a dead man walking not so long ago, but now Nevada's Republican Party has chosen Sharron Angle —whose policies include bringing more nuclear waste to the state,... More »

Both Reids Win in Nevada

GOP ousts Gov. Jim Gibbons

(Newser) - Nevada's Republicans have ditched scandal-plagued Gov. Jim Gibbons after one term in favor of former federal judge Brian Sandoval. Sandoval will face Rory Reid, who won the Democratic primary, the Wall Street Journal reports. Rory is the son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who cruised to victory in his... More »

Graham Bails on Climate Bill

Yanks support over Dems' plan to prioritize immigration

(Newser) - Lindsey Graham has taken his climate-change toys and gone home, reports Politico , withdrawing his support for a bipartisan bill he was to have announced tomorrow with co-sponsors John Kerry and Joe Lieberman. The moderate Republican was reportedly enraged by Harry Reid's plan to put the energy bill on the back... More »

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