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Writer: Mag Nixed Sex Allegations in 2003 Epstein Article

Says 'Vanity Fair' editor Graydon Carter believed Epstein, not underage sources

(Newser) - In the fall of 2002, Vicky Ward was conducting research for an upcoming Vanity Fair article she was penning. Her subject: the "high-flying" and mysteriously wealthy Jeffrey Epstein, now a convicted sex offender recently tied to accusations that Prince Andrew had sex with an underage girl . Yesterday Ward published... More »

Palace: Andrew Did Not Have Sex With Minor

Prince was named in lawsuit filed in Florida last week

(Newser) - Buckingham Palace is busy doing a little damage control, which has eyebrows at media outlets including the New York Times and the AP raised because it doesn't usually bother. At issue is Prince Andrew, his ties to American billionaire/registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and whether Queen Elizabeth's second... More »

Buckingham Cops Bust ... Prince Andrew?

Oops. Unsurprisingly, apologies have been made

(Newser) - The crack security guards at Britain's Buckingham Palace are sporting a bit of fresh egg on their faces today amid reports that they detained a man on palace grounds on Wednesday, may or may not have pointed weapons at him, and forced him to verify his identity. No big... More »

Royal Baby's Title Already Announced

Plus: Zara Phillips also expecting

(Newser) - According to the rumor mill , Kate Middleton could be popping out a royal baby any day now, so of course the gossip pages are already filled with "news" of the as-yet-unborn heir to the throne. You're not going to find out anything really interesting, like the sex... More »

Prince Andrew Scales Tallest Building in Europe

British royal did it for charity

(Newser) - Rappelling 785 feet down a skyscraper was fun and all, but Prince Andrew says he has no plans to repeat the performance. To be more precise: "I will never do it again," he said. But the 52-year-old British royal dared today to descend most of London's Shard... More »

23 More Royal Scandals

Don't worry, Prince Harry, you're far from the first

(Newser) - Prince Harry might have embarrassed himself and irked the queen with his nude photo scandal—but if the British royal family knows anything, it knows scandal. Celebuzz lists 23 of the most gossip-worthy:
  • Prince Andrew dated Koo Stark, an American, in the 1980s. What's wrong with that? Well, it
... More »

Gadhafi Slept With 'Four or Five Women Each Day': Aide

And he was addicted to Viagra, former manservant claims

(Newser) - You may want to wait until after breakfast to read on: A chef who once cooked for Moammar Gadhafi shared some pretty sordid tales about the late dictator in yesterday’s Sunday Times, the Daily Mail reports. The chef, Faisal, recalls that while he was cooking dinner for Prince Andrew... More »

Book Airs Secrets of Royals

Who is the nicest, who's the fussiest, and who never picks up his clothes

(Newser) - Who is the fussiest member of the British royal family? Where is the secret closet in Buckingham Palace for private drinks? Who can swim in the royal pool? These secrets and more are revealed in the Daily Mail's excerpts of the new book Not in Front of the Corgis... More »

Prince Andrew Done In by Ties to Scandal

Duke of York resigns from role as UK Trade Envoy

(Newser) - After months of speculation that Prince Andrew's connections to a variety of high-level scandals—most notably his friendship with billionaire/registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein—would force him out of several of his official positions, the Duke of York has resigned from his role as UK Trade Envoy, reports the... More »

Kate, Beware This Batty Crew

The Windsors are pretty wacky, says Christopher Hitchens

(Newser) - For those salivating over every bit of cake or gown drivel that oozes out of the royal wedding, Christopher Hitchens is here to rain on your parade. The "constitutional absurdity" (ie, monarchy) is getting ready to claim its latest victim, he writes in Slate, and Kate Middleton had best... More »

Prince Andrew in Hot Water Over Links to Pedophile

Billionaire pal Jeffrey Epstein paid off about $25K of Sarah Ferguson's debts

(Newser) - Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein may have escaped sex trafficking charges over his tendency to hire underage hookers, but one of his many high-profile buddies may not be able to sidestep trouble. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, will likely see his job responsibilities cut now that news has come out that... More »

Fergie: 'I'm Not Going Bankrupt'

Duchess denies report she's on the brink

(Newser) - Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, says she is doing everything she can to avoid declaring bankruptcy over business debts. The former wife of Prince Andrew said in a statement today that she has paid off all her personal debts. The statement was issued in a response to a front-page... More »

Yanks Aren't Buying Fergie's Sob Story

No group hug from ex-colonists

(Newser) - Boo hoo. Poor little used-to-be-rich duchess has a sob story about how she lost her millions, and the former colonists couldn't care less. Sarah Ferguson poured out her tale of woe to Oprah—and was met with a cynical chorus of Cry Me a River from unimpressed Yanks, notes the... More »

I Was Drinking Before Bribe Bid: Fergie

Disgraced duchess opens up to Oprah

(Newser) - Sarah Ferguson had been drinking before she discussed selling access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew , with an undercover tabloid reporter, the Duchess of York tells Oprah in an interview scheduled to air tomorrow. And she says she hasn't watched the now-ubiquitous video, People reports . "I haven't faced the devil... More »

Pauper Fergie: 'I Haven't a Pot to Piss In'

She chose friendship with Queen over divorce settlement

(Newser) - When Sarah Ferguson got caught trying to sell access to ex-hubby Prince Andrew, it was only because she’s apparently broke. In a follow-up piece, News of the World charts Fergie’s path to destitution:
  • Her divorce settlement is just $21,000 a year: “That's why the Queen is
... More »

Fergie 'So Sorry' for Selling Access to Prince

'Judgment lapse' triggered by financial 'stress'

(Newser) - Mortified Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson is so "very sorry" after being caught accepting money in exchange for promised access to ex-husband Prince Andrew. "I very deeply regret the situation and the embarrassment caused," she said in a statement. "My financial situation is under stress. However,... More »

Fergie Busted Selling Access to Prince Andrew

Duchess of York filmed taking downpayment for intro to ex

(Newser) - Sarah Ferguson is scrambling to apologize after an undercover tabloid reporter filmed her offering to sell access to Prince Andrew for $723,000. "Look after me and he'll look after you," she told a News of the World staffer pretending to be a business exec. "I can... More »

Princess Beatrice Helps Set Record in London Marathon

First royal to compete in race runs as part of human caterpillar

(Newser) - Princess Beatrice became the first member of the British royal family to complete the London Marathon today—and even helped set a record. The 21-year-old daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson was part of the largest group ever to complete a marathon while linked together, the Telegraph reports. Bungee... More »

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