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Train Carrying 1K People Rolls 7 Miles Without Engine

Rocks in tracks helped avert disaster

(Newser) - Seven railway workers in India have been suspended for causing a near-disaster—while others deserve praise for stopping it. The terrifying incident happened Saturday night, when a train carrying 22 carriages and around 1,000 passengers rolled away after becoming detached from the engine and sped backward for 7 miles... More »

Switzerland Builds World's Steepest Funicular Railway

Stoosbahn climbs at dizzying angle

(Newser) - Swiss President Doris Leuthard is afraid of heights, but she was still able to go on the maiden voyage of a dizzyingly steep new railway after cutting the ribbon for its opening ceremony Friday. Swiss authorities say the new Stoosbahn line is the world's steepest funicular railway, climbing 2,... More »

Evidence in Ancient Mystery: Skeleton, Severed Head

Discovered skulls could shed light on British warrior queen

(Newser) - First, they discovered 3,000 skeletons dating back to the Great Plague . Now archaeologists excavating parts of an ongoing commuter railway project in London have uncovered skulls lined neatly on a Roman road—and one lying between the legs of a headless skeleton, the Telegraph reports. Other skulls discovered in... More »

French Train Derails, Killing at Least 6

Train was carrying 385 passengers

(Newser) - An intercity train carrying at least 350 passengers from Paris to Limoges derailed today, killing at least six people and injuring more than 22, the BBC reports. The death toll was revised down from a previously reported seven. A rep for France's national railway says the train crashed into... More »

Railway to Apple: You Stole Our Clock

Swiss Federal Railways spots its iconic design in iOS 6

(Newser) - Apple, about that cool iOS 6 clock design of yours—it's not exactly original. Or so says Swiss Federal Railways, which has used pretty much the same design for its iconic clock since 1944, the Daily Mail reports. The original clock face was made by celebrated designer Hans Hilfiker... More »

3 Killed, 46 Hurt in Canadian Train Crash

Derailment claims lives of 3 railway workers

(Newser) - Two locomotive engineers and a trainee were killed when a train derailed in Burlington, Ontario. Another railway worker and 45 passengers were injured when the train, headed to Toronto from Niagara Falls, came off the rails in an industrial district, the Toronto Star reports. The accident happened in good weather... More »

Odd Theft Leaves Village in the Dark

Repeated cable robberies halt trains in Britain

(Newser) - A rash of power line thefts is dogging Britain. An entire English village lost electricity for several hours on Friday after thieves stole some 3,000 feet of cable—and it’s the second such theft in that county alone since August, This Is Lincolnshire reports. It’s a running... More »

Ohio, Wisconsin Spurn $1.2B to Build Train Lines

Stimulus funds will go to other states

(Newser) - The US is redistributing $1.2 billion in federal stimulus money that had been headed to Ohio and Wisconsin, after both states' Republican governors-elect called for an end to proposed train projects, arguing they were unnecessary and would cost millions to operate. “Wisconsin taxpayers were victorious today in defeating... More »

Federal Study Tries to Derail Train Suicides

Railroad Administration looks into ways to block tracks

(Newser) - The Federal Railroad Administration is out to challenge the notion that suicide-by-train is an unfortunate but unavoidable phenomenon. The agency is four years into a study that will look into whether improved fences or other barriers could deter potential suicides, the Boston Globe reports. “When you reduce access to... More »

Indians Dodge Harassment in Women-Only Trains

'Ladies Specials' set up to tackle persistent harassment of women workers

(Newser) - India's railway system has replaced women-only rail cars with entire women-only trains in an effort to battle sexual harassment, the New York Times reports. Groping and catcalling—known as "eve-teasing"—is endemic on India's commuter system, a trend analysts say shows the friction caused by the huge amount... More »

Winds Kill 13 in Spain, France

(Newser) - High winds in Spain and southern France today killed 13 people, crippled transportation networks, and cut power to more than 1.7 million, Reuters reports. The deaths were caused by flying debris, collapsed walls, and trees pushed over by the wind, which topped 100 mph in some areas. In Barcelona,... More »

Historic Train Crosses Korean Border

Freight service aims to narrow economic gap between countries

(Newser) - The historic first of what will be a regular schedule of freight trains crossed the border from South Korea to North Korea today, marking a major leap forward in the countries' reunification process and a step toward what could be a hugely profitable railway system. The link is part of... More »

Korea Chiefs to Launch Border-Busting Railway

Freight link to strengthen economic ties

(Newser) - In their latest step toward closer ties, the leaders of North and South Korea have agreed to establish a cross-border train system to strengthen economic connections. Beginning in December freight trains will follow a 16-mile track through the heavily patrolled border frontier to a joint industrial complex in North Korea's... More »

Germany Steels for Rail Strike

Drivers' union action promises major roadblock for summer travelers

(Newser) - A rebellious union of German train drivers has voted overwhelmingly to strike on Thursday, setting the stage for the country's largest industrial action in over a decade, reports the Financial Times. Travelers began canceling trips as the railway dug in, refusing to negotiate with workers and insisting that it could... More »

Train Will Reunite Koreas—Briefly

(Newser) - North and South Korea agreed today to allow the first train crossing of their heavily guarded border in over half a century. Two tracks have been reconnected for the test run on Thursday, the first time rail service has linked the countries since the middle of the Korean War. More »

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