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Onstage in Arizona, Lady Gaga Blasts Immigration Law

Singer rejects boycott strategy, calls on fans to protest

(Newser) - Lady Gaga isn't on board with a boycott of Arizona, but she's no fan of the state's new immigration law, reports the Arizona Republic . The singer performed last night in Phoenix with "Stop SB 1070" written on her arm to protest the legislation, parts of which went into effect... More »

LAPD Cancels Training Trip... to Arizona

Union slams decision not to seek boycott exemption

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Police Department has nixed a training trip to Arizona for four officers because of the city council's boycott of the state over its immigration law. The LAPD has decided to "respect the council's boycott" and not seek an exemption for the officers to attend the Airborne... More »

Boycotts Taking Toll on Arizona

Hotels suffer from immigration law protests

(Newser) - Fewer visitors are heading to Arizona, but not the way state lawmakers envisioned when they crafted their controversial immigration law. Arizona businesses, especially those in the tourism and hospitality trades, are starting to feel the pain of boycotts launched to protest the law. So many conventions have been canceled that... More »

LA to Arizona: Just Try to Cut Our Power

Officials say the state can't do it

(Newser) - Officials in LA are scoffing at an Arizona public utilities commissioner's threat to cut the city's power because of its decision not to do business with Arizona, pointing out that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power owns a share of the Arizona power plants that supply juice to... More »

AZ Commish to LA Mayor: Put Up or Shut Up

Official wants to know if city no longer wants Arizona electricity

(Newser) - Arizona commissioner Gary Pierce has sent a letter to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wondering if the mayor feels so strongly about his city's boycott that he wants the electricity it gets from Arizona turned off as well. LA currently receives 25% of its power from the state, and the... More »

Palin to Brewer: We Are All Arizona

GOP star backs embattled governor on immigration

(Newser) - As calls spread for an economic boycott of Arizona, embattled Gov. Jan Brewer enlisted the help of none other than Sarah Palin yesterday to defend its controversial immigration crackdown. Brewer and Palin blamed President Obama for the state law, saying the measure is Arizona's attempt to enforce immigration laws because... More »

Palin to Girls Team: 'Go Rogue,' Snub Ariz. Boycott

'Them're fighting words,' Palin says of canceled trip

(Newser) - The girls of a suburban Chicago high school basketball team should "go rogue" to get around their school's boycott of Arizona, Sarah Palin urges. "Keeping the girls basketball team off the court for political reasons? Them are fighting words," she told a crowd of 4,000 at... More »

City of Los Angeles Boycotts Arizona

Council bans city travel, future contracts

(Newser) - There are boycotts, and then there are Boycotts. Arizona is facing one of the capital B variety over its immigration law—by the city of Los Angeles. The council today banned most city travel to the state and future contracts with Arizona companies, reports the Los Angeles Times . Current contracts... More »

Senator to Players: Boycott All-Star Game

2011 baseball classic becomes pawn in Ariz. immigration law flap

(Newser) - Sen. Robert Menendez is calling on baseball players of all ethnicities to protest Arizona's new immigration law by boycotting the 2011 All-Star Game in Phoenix. "While I understand the frustration about the failures of our current system, states should not be permitted to enact their own discriminatory immigration laws... More »

8 Ways to Stick It to Arizona

Sort of. Or people/businesses based there

(Newser) - So you want to protest Arizona's new immigration law from the comforts of your non-Arizona home but don't know how? No worries. Gawker has been "effectively been boycotting Arizona for years by not thinking about it," and Glen Runciter takes the next step, recommending Arizona-related people and businesses... More »

Arizona Boycott Targets Baseball, Tourism

Gov. 'disappointed' by call to action

(Newser) - People opposed to Arizona's tough new immigration law should stay away from Diamondbacks games and the Grand Canyon, say organizers of a national boycott of the controversial state. Tourists are being urged to avoid Arizona, and business groups are being told they should hold their conventions elsewhere, Reuters reports. The... More »

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