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Samsung's Hot New Phone So Hot It Might Actually Catch Fire

Company has halted sales in South Korea

(Newser) - All those rave reviews about the Galaxy Note 7 failed to mention a major issue users have noticed: the phone might randomly catch fire. Samsung has halted sales of the Note 7 in South Korea to do more quality testing after multiple reports of phones exploding or bursting into flame,... More »

Teen Falls Down Alaska Mountain While on Phone

Cherelle LaGrou was telling mom how nervous the conditions made her

(Newser) - A 2013 study suggested distracted walking could be more dangerous than distracted driving; Cherelle LaGrou is likely to agree. The Washington teen was hiking alone in Alaska on Sunday when she slid down a mountainside near Denali National Park. Well, not exactly alone. The 18-year-old was talking to her mother... More »

San Francisco Loses Fight to Put Warnings on Phones

Industry sued to avoid listing potential radiation risks

(Newser) - San Francisco is giving up its fight to become the first city in the US to require that cell phones come with warnings about the potential health risks of radiation, reports Reuters . The city tried to put such a law on the books in 2011, but the industry blocked it... More »

Kucinich Wants Warning Labels on Cell Phones

Congressman introduces law regarding radiation dangers

(Newser) - If Dennis Kucinich has his way, your next cell phone could come with a warning label informing you that it may expose you to radiation. The congressman introduced a federal law yesterday called the Cell Phone Right to Know Act, which would require the warning labels, create a research program... More »

Relax, Your Cell Phone Won't Kill You

People are overreacting to WHO panel's report: Farhad Manjoo

(Newser) - While much of the techno-savvy world screamed "WTF?" at a WHO panel's announcement that cell phones might have something to do with cancer, Slate 's Farhad Manjoo simply LOL'd. "When you dig into this issue, the decision seems to be an over-cautious interpretation of the... More »

Cell Phones May Be 'Carcinogenic': Scientists

WHO cancer agency ranks them in same category as DDT

(Newser) - The evidence linking cell phones and other wireless devices to cancer seems to be getting stronger: An international team of scientists has concluded cell phones are "possibly carcinogenic to humans," reports AFP . After reviewing scores of published studies on the issue, the International Agency for Research on Cancer—... More »

Pregnant Cell Phone Gabbers Have Kids Who Misbehave

It's bad enough if pregnant mom uses phone, worse if child does

(Newser) - You probably already knew that cell phones might cause cancer —but did you know they also might cause your unborn child to act up? New research shows that women who used cell phones regularly while pregnant were 40% more likely to have children with behavioral problems, Reuters reports. The... More »

FCC Hasn't Tested Cell Phones Kept in Pockets

Safety guidelines of 2001 are based on using holsters

(Newser) - The jury's very much out on the dangers of cell phones, and Time points out an "odd quirk" in FCC testing guidelines that doesn't help matters. When it determined safe emissions of radio-frequency levels in 2001, the agency tested phones kept in holsters. It didn't, however, test phones kept... More »

SF Passes Cell Phone Radiation Law

Stores must display details on radiation levels

(Newser) - San Francisco has become the first city in the nation to pass a law warning consumers about cell phone radiation. Stores selling the phones will be required to display information on how much radiation each model emits. The law passed the city's board of supervisors 10-1, despite stiff opposition from... More »

Cell Phones Are the New Cigarettes

Government must issue warning, as it did with smokes in the '60s

(Newser) - It's time for the government to warn the public about the potential dangers of cell phones, much as it did with cigarettes in the 1960s, writes Joel Moskowitz. We don't have definitive proof yet, but quality studies point to a "harmful association between phone use and tumor risk,"... More »

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