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Spain Bans Gum That's Too Sticky

Lawmakers decide old gum is too expensive to clean off streets

(Newser) - Spanish lawmakers have come up with an ingenious way to save local governments money: Make chewing gum less sticky. Local councils have apparently been complaining that gummed-up sidewalks cost too much to scrub, so the Spanish cabinet has ruled that all gum in the country must now use a less-sticky... More »

Little Kids Skewer Hills in Video Send Up

Audrina: Oh my God, oh my God

(Newser) - In the latest evidence that film creativity is biggest right now on small screens, Babegum has released a hilarious kid-casted send up of The Hills, complete with a plastic mask for surgery queen Heidi Montag. The 3-minute video combines the corny, angst-ridden songs and sweeping vistas of LA with the... More »

2 Stories