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In 43-Year First, Wyoming's Grizzlies to Be Hunted

Strong opposition follows Wednesday's decision

(Newser) - Just under two dozen American grizzlies could be killed this September in what the New York Times calls the "first large-scale hunt for grizzly bears in 43 years" outside of Alaska. A year after the grizzly population near Yellowstone National Park was removed from federal protection—with numbers estimated... More »

Bad News, Bears: Obama-Era Rule on Hunting Reversed

New rule to allow bear baiting, spotlights for shooting in dens called 'unethical' by critics

(Newser) - The Trump administration is looking to dismantle Obama-era rules that made it more difficult to hunt on federal lands, including through the banning of bacon, honey, and doughnuts as bear bait. The 2015 rule also barred the use of dogs to hunt bears, spotlights to shoot bear cubs in dens,... More »

Bear's Dairy Queen Visit Ends in Charges

Zoo owner says he'll plead guilty to offenses under Alberta's Wildlife Act

(Newser) - The video was a hit with some, but Canada's Discovery Wildlife Park is taking a hit for it. The private zoo has been charged with two offenses under Alberta's Wildlife Act after caretakers allowed a captive Kodiak bear to be hand-fed ice cream in a Dairy Queen drive-thru... More »

Dracula's Castle Now Being Guarded by Bears

And tourists are being kept away

(Newser) - After 600 or so years, it's once again wise to give Dracula's castle a wide berth. The AP reports the historic Poenari Castle in Romania was closed to tourists late last month "for the safety of visitors." Apparently tourists climbing the nearly 1,500 steps to... More »

Colorado Animal Sanctuary Euthanizes All Animals

A week earlier, their request to move was denied

(Newser) - Amid a "shocking" tragedy, locals say something smells fishy in central Colorado. On April 12, after the owners of the Lion's Gate wild animal sanctuary requested to move to a nearby but more urban location citing safety concerns after recurring flooding on the property, Elbert County commissioners voted... More »

Man Swaddles 'Dying' Bear Cub, Attempts CPR

Elkhorn, a baby black bear, was suffering form hypothermia, dehydration

(Newser) - An Oregon man is being called a hero for saving the life of a bear cub he found while hiking Monday evening, but officials aren't so sure. Corey Hancock tells the Oregonian he found a baby black bear just off the trail that "wasn't breathing" and was... More »

300K Plead for Closure of 'Soul-Destroying' Zoo

Bandung Zoo maintains its animals have enough to eat

(Newser) - Video shot at Indonesia's Bandung Zoo in May shows sun bears begging for food , their ribs visible, though the zoo says thin bears aren't necessarily unhealthy. Another bear was filmed apparently consuming its own feces in what one expert says may signal "extreme boredom"; Gabriella Fredriksson of... More »

Woman Mauled in Incredibly Rare Bear Attack in Maryland

It appears to be state's first on record

(Newser) - A Maryland woman mauled by a black bear Wednesday night is lucky to be alive—but incredibly unlucky to have become the victim of the state's first bear attack in living memory. Police say 63-year-old Karen Osborne was attacked in the driveway of her home in rural Frederick after... More »

Black Bear Tangles With the Wrong Ex-Boxer

Canadian survives with his fists and his knowledge from the boxing ring

(Newser) - When a 61-year-old Canadian man startled a bear cub while walking his dog Sunday near Sudbury, the tiny "yelp" the baby bear made wasn't endearing. "I knew right away I was in trouble," Rick Nelson tells CBC News . "It's calling for mommy." Sure... More »

'Severe' Bear Attacks Kill 4 in Japan

Officials retaliate against Asiatic black bear

(Newser) - Northern Japan is on the alert after bear attacks left four people fatally mauled over the past few weeks, the Guardian reports. Most recently, 74-year-old Tsuwa Suzuki was found dead in the Akita prefecture this weekend in an attack so severe that authorities could barely identify her. She was apparently... More »

Bear Was Killed After Attack on Hiker—the Wrong Bear

He 'fit the profile,' says Smoky Mountains rep

(Newser) - Wildlife officials shot and killed a 400-pound bear thought to have attacked a hiker in Great Smoky Mountains National Park earlier this month. The only problem: The bear was innocent. DNA tests on the animal show the male black bear wasn't the overly aggressive one that bit a 49-year-old... More »

Hungry Bears Invade Calif. Town

Drought has forced them down from the mountains

(Newser) - Black bears driven from the mountains by drought have invaded a town outside of California's Sequoia National Park in search of food. A record number of bears are seeking acorns in the tiny town of Three Rivers, home to an eclectic mix of park employees, ranchers, and hippies and... More »

Fla. Shuts Down Bear Hunt After Bloody 2 Days

State's first bear hunt in 21 years comes to an early end after hunters kill 295

(Newser) - Hunters hoping to take advantage of Florida's weeklong bear hunt—the first in 21 years—have had to shoulder their rifles after just two days. "I have signed the order to close the hunt," Nick Wiley of the state's wildlife commission said Sunday after 295 bears... More »

What You Should Never Do If You Meet a Bear

Don't run; and the type of bear matters in important ways

(Newser) - Bear populations are rising, though attacks remain rare, with your chances of being injured by one somewhere around 1 in 2 million. Still, with encounters growing more likely in North America, scientists took a look at nearly 700 bear attacks to figure out possible patterns and advice, reports National Geographic... More »

See Bears Have a Pool Party

One family surprises another in Rockaway Township, NJ

(Newser) - Need an antidote for some of the depressing bear stories in the news of late? This video out of Rockaway Township, New Jersey, should do the trick. A mama bear and five cubs went for a dip in a backyard pool and stayed for about an hour, reports CBS News... More »

Guy in Bear Costume Harasses Bears

Wildlife officials aren't sure what his problem is

(Newser) - Authorities want to talk to a man who donned a fairly realistic bear costume—head and all—and wore it when harassing a bear and two cubs trying to feed on pink salmon in an Alaska river. The incident happened earlier this week on the Chilkoot River near Haines, says... More »

'Yeti' Hairs Came From Bear—but Which Kind?

Scientist's theory of an undiscovered polar bear is challenged by new results

(Newser) - Research led by an Oxford scientist has suggested there could be something to legends of the yeti, even if it's not quite the creature legends would suggest. Bryan Sykes has argued, based on genetic analysis, that two hair samples collected by yeti enthusiasts in the Himalayas could indeed point... More »

Hungry Bears Get Desperate in Sierra Nevada

9 captured in 2 days

(Newser) - If you live near the Sierra Nevada, your chance of running into a bear has apparently spiked: Nine have been captured in the area over the last two days, while another was killed by a car. In the fall months, bears can eat up to 25,000 calories a day—... More »

Alaskan Bears Behind Rash of Break-Ins

They even seem to be smashing cabin windows for the heck of it

(Newser) - An environmental expert traveled 50 miles of Alaskan coastline last week, and every single cabin he encountered had suffered a break-in—by bears, reports Alaska Dispatch News . Though periodic bear break-ins aren't unusual, this season the creatures have bashed their way into "dozens and dozens" of cabins, a... More »

Bear Digs Through House Siding to Get His Honey

Once again, it's in Juneau, Alaska

(Newser) - A black bear in Juneau, Alaska, didn't let a measly house keep him from getting at some honey. The male bear walked up the stairs of a porch at the home of Janet and Donald Kussart and tore through the siding and some insulation to get his treat, reports... More »

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