Triangle of Death

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Body Found in U.S. Uniform in Euphrates River

(Newser) - Iraqi police found the body of a man dressed in a U.S. military uniform in the Euphrates river today. A soldier from the unit that lost three soldiers earlier in the month is en route to see if he can identify the body. If the body belongs to one... More »

Al-Qaeda Claims It Captured Soldiers

US troops comb area south of Baghdad for three missing since Saturday

(Newser) - An al-Qaeda umbrella group claims it kidnapped the three US soldiers missing since Saturday. Thousands of troops continue to sweep the area south of Baghdad dubbed the Triangle of Death for their comrades, who disappeared in an ambush that killed four other solders. The so-called Islamic State of Iraq offered... More »

3 Soldiers Missing, 5 Dead

U.S. and Iraqi troops scour area for missing soldiers

(Newser) - A pre-dawn attack on a patrol of seven U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi translator has left five dead and three missing, CNN reports. U.S. and Iraqi troops have joined together to search the violent and explosive region just south of Baghdad for the missing soldiers. More »

3 Stories