Don Black

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David Duke's Godson Was 'Heir' to White Power. Till He Flipped

'Washington Post' profiles the transformation of Derek Black

(Newser) - Derek Black is 27, and if things had gone as planned, he'd be a leading figure, perhaps the leading figure, of the white nationalism movement by now. As the Washington Post explains in a profile, he's got the pedigree: His father, Don Black, is the creator of the... More »

Ariz. Majority Leader Follows ex-Grand Wizard on Twitter

He has 'no idea' how that happened

(Newser) - Arizona immigration bill-backer and state Senate majority leader Chuck Gray has been following a white supremacist on Twitter. StormfrontWPWW (White Pride Worldwide) was launched by former KKK Grand Wizard Don Black of Florida, who has been barred from traveling to the UK for inciting hatred. Gray has also followed a... More »

2 Stories