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Seeping Oil May Be 'Natural'

Feds believe leak was hidden while well was gushing

(Newser) - The Coast Guard believes the oil seeping out of the sea floor near BP’s infamous well is entirely natural, Admiral Thad Allen tells the BBC . Oil has been detected about 1.9 miles from the well, but such leaks can occur naturally on the ocean floor, and may have... More »

BP: 60%-70% Chance 'Top Kill' Will Work

Oozing oil, not confidence

(Newser) - BP 's " containment dome " plan failed big time, and the oil giant is less than confident as it readies its latest and greatest plan for tomorrow: The "top-kill" maneuver, which Reuters reports the company thinks has a 60%-70% chance of succeeding. Tomorrow BP plans to inject... More »

BP Lowers 'Top Hat' Over Oil Spill

They call it 'Top Hat'

(Newser) - BP is trying the “if at first you don't succeed” method of oil spill containment, lowering a second, smaller box over its still-gushing underwater leak. The first box the company tried failed on Saturday, when ice-like crystals formed, making it float, CNN explains. That device was a whopping four... More »

BP Has to Remove Dome From Well

Buildup of ice crystals forces a reassessment

(Newser) - Bad news from the Gulf: BP is reporting problems with the giant containment dome that was lowered to the ocean floor to save the day. Workers had to pull it off a blown well—at least temporarily—because of a buildup of ice crystals inside the 100-ton contraption, reports AP... More »

Dome Reaches Floor of Gulf

BP crews start efforts to fit cap over broken well

(Newser) - Robots and technicians have successfully placed a containment dome on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, 5,000 feet below the surface. BP teams are now attempting to fit the dome, which they started maneuvering last night , over the Deepwater Horizon well that has been gushing 5,000 barrels... More »

Stewart's Rent-Boy Scandal Fix: Put a Dome on It!

Then finds a way to connect it to George Rekers' penis

(Newser) - So much is going on in the world right now that Jon Stewart didn’t know where to start last night on the Daily Show —so he covered it all, from “wanna-bomber” Faisal Shahzad to Greece’s financial crisis. But the best part of his round-the-news tour comes... More »

BP Closes 1 of 3 Gulf Oil Leaks

But it won't cut the amount of oil gushing from the damaged well

(Newser) - One of the three leaks gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico from the ruptured undersea well was shut down last night, BP said this morning. The success in installing a valve, after several days of rough seas that hampered efforts, won't slow the oil flowing into the Gulf, but... More »

BP Building 'Containment Dome' to Slow Spill

'Giant iron funnel' will pump oil to surface

(Newser) - The firm at the center of the Gulf Coast spill is building a giant dome to slow the spread of oil. BP is constructing a 4-story, 70-ton contraption to lower over one of the leaks. The BBC likens the device to a "giant iron funnel" that "resembles a... More »

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