Andaman Islands

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Set Foot on This Island and You May Not Leave Alive

Isolated tribe on North Sentinel Island isn't a fan of outsiders

(Newser) - Sometimes paradise is better off lost: Off the coast of India in the Bay of Bengal, a Manhattan-size island called North Sentinel Island boasts a deep green canopy of trees, stretches of sandy beaches, coral reef barriers—and a population that's decidedly hostile to outsiders, who aren't likely... More »

India Cracks Down on 'Human Safaris'

Naked dancing video sparks nationwide uproar

(Newser) - Video footage of abused tribal women has triggered a national debate in India and inspired harsh words between police and human rights advocates, the Guardian reports. The so-called "human safari" video shows an off-camera police officer prompting naked women to dance for tourists in return for food on India'... More »

Tribal Women Ordered to Dance for Food

Corrupt cops in India selling 'human safaris'

(Newser) - Corrupt cops who were supposed to be protecting a recently contacted tribe from the outside world are treating them like performing animals. On the main road through the Jarawa people's forest homeland in India's Andaman Islands, a Guardian journalist saw tribeswomen naked from the waist up ordered to... More »

Indian Croc Kills US Tourist

Family of NJ woman say there should have been warnings

(Newser) - The family of a New Jersey woman killed by a crocodile while snorkeling in India's Andaman Islands say she'd be alive today if tourists had been warned that man-eating crocodiles are a serious danger there. Lauren Failla, 25, was killed by a 12-foot crocodile near a resort where she was... More »

4 Stories