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Thailand: Take an Underboob Selfie, Go to Prison

Offenders could face 5-year prison term under Thai law

(Newser) - Planning to snap an underboob selfie in Thailand? The government warns you may have to deal with the consequences—specifically, a five-year prison term. The country's culture ministry notes the "inappropriate" act of taking photographs of the lower half of a woman's breasts violates the country's... More »

Eatery Trademarks 'Breastaurant'

Bikinis Bar & Grill edges out others in the field

(Newser) - Hooters has long been casually referred to as a "breastaurant," but now a different eatery has gone and trademarked the term. "We're really excited about receiving this federal trademark," says the CEO of the Texas-based Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill chain. "It just further... More »

'Boobies' Cancer Campaign Gets It Wrong

Message is about breasts instead of people

(Newser) - Some American schools are banning students from wearing rubber bracelets that read "I (heart) boobies"—a slogan for a breast-cancer awareness campaign. They're afraid of that word, which is silly. "But you know what? I'm offended by the bracelets, too—just for a very different reason,"... More »

More Women Flaunt the A-Cup

More and more embracing their smaller assets

(Newser) - When it comes to breasts, bigger isn’t always better . The assumption that A-cup women are constantly looking for push-up bras to enhance their assets is no longer unequivocally true, and a number of boutiques and online stores are now specializing in smaller size—but still sexy—bras. In the... More »

Big Breasts = Big Tips

(Newser) - Cornell professor Michael Lynn has proven what Heidi Montag just knew, the founders of Hooters proved 27 years ago, and the first upright man discovered 2 million years ago. Waitresses with large breasts get better tips. It also doesn’t hurt to be blonde and slender. Professor Lynn’s colleagues... More »

5 Stories