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Apple, Comcast Working on TV Deal

Apple wants to essentially create a set-top box

(Newser) - Apple is looking to take the Internet out of Internet TV: The gadget giant is in talks with Comcast to produce set-top boxes that get special treatment on Comcast's cables, bypassing any traffic jams on the public Web, the Wall Street Journal reports. Apple envisions a device that would... More »

Your DVR Is an Energy Vampire

New ones use about half the amount of a refrigerator

(Newser) - Your cable box never sleeps—and hence, never stops costing you money. America’s set-top boxes suck down $3 billion worth of electricity, an environmental group said in a report yesterday. The increasingly standard HD-DVRs are especially bad, consuming more than half the energy of an average new refrigerator—roughly... More »

What Do We Tweet About? TV, Mostly

New social media still fixated on the original

(Newser) - Everybody's eager to talk about the social media "revolution." But you know what the social media conversation mostly focuses on? Old media, particularly TV. Just ask Simon Dumenco, who analyzes Twitter data every week for Advertising Age . “Old media still rules our lives,” he writes. “... More »

How You Really Watch TV

People want less choice, more social watching—and don't realize it

(Newser) - Despite the myriad choices DVRs and internet TV offer, viewing habits have remained strikingly conservative. Though shows can be watched more or less on demand, nearly 85% of programs are viewed when they air "live," or with just a small delay—enough to wash one's hands or fire... More »

DVRs Aren't Killing TV, They're Saving It

Turns out nearly half of viewers don't skip commercials

(Newser) - A year ago, TV networks were terrified of the DVR. The devices allowed viewers to skip commercials on playback, and who, given the choice, would watch TV commercials? Lots of people, it turns out. TV watching is such an inherently lazy activity that many viewers can’t summon the energy... More »

DVR Viewers Give Ratings Boost to Grey's, Others

Execs hope these watchers will eventually translate into ad dollars

(Newser) - TV networks dismayed at low ratings early in the season are getting a ray of hope in the form of the once-feared DVR. Sure, ad buyers won’t pay out when a viewer watches Grey’s Anatomy on TiVo, but that and other shows are gaining a massive audience days... More »

You Skipping Ads? TiVo Plans to Sell That Info

(Newser) - Watch out Nielsen, here comes TiVo. The company that allows you to skip ads and store shows on its digital video recorder plans to sell your viewing habits to stations and advertisers, USA Today reports. Unlike Nielsen, TiVo can sell second-by-second breakdowns of the shows and ads people watch. But... More »

Blockbuster to Rent Movies on TiVo

(Newser) - Blockbuster kicked off its latest reinvention effort today, announcing a new plan to beam on-demand movies through TiVo DVRs. One senior VP called the deal “step one in getting to the places that consumers care about.” Blockbuster will also sell TiVo DVRs in its stores, as part of... More »

TiVo Adds Domino's to Its Menu

Users can order Domino's pizza from their TVs

(Newser) - Hungry? Don't get up from the couch. TiVo customers can now order Domino's pizza right on their TVs, the Wall Street Journal reports, in a promotion that pops up when a customer forwards through a Domino's commercial. The promotion has two goals: Beefing up the pizza chain's bottom line—shares... More »

DVR Second Only to Cell Among Gizmos: Survey

Dishwashers, iPods trail TV recorder among consumers who own one

(Newser) - Consumers prefer digital video recorders to nearly every other appliance and gadget they own, a survey finds. The group asked 1,012 DVR owners across four countries to rank their gadgets and appliances. The respondents overwhelmingly elected the DVR their second-most essential gadget (behind their cell phones), and third-most valuable... More »

TiVo-Amazon Deal Offers Onscreen Buying

DVR pioneer aims to create 'underpinnings of a future business model for TV'

(Newser) - TiVo and Amazon have teamed to introduce a “product purchase” tool that will allow viewers to buy the products being plugged onscreen, the New York Times reports. Soon, when Oprah Winfrey plugs a book or David Letterman talks up his musical guest, TiVo customers will be able to order... More »

Studios Want to Keep Certain Movies Off Your DVR

Blocking the copying of hi-def films before DVD release is tradeoff for fast-tracking to TV

(Newser) - Hollywood is pressing the Federal Communications to allow studios to block digital video recorders from copying high-definition films before they're released to DVD, Ars Technica reports. In return, the studios promise to shorten the time it takes movies to get from theater to home TVs. The feds would need to... More »

DirecTV to Get With Times, Add On-Demand

Satellite service will combine DVR, web streaming to deliver it

(Newser) - Challenged by cable and phone-company competitors, DirecTV will offer video-on-demand for the first time, a combination of DVR and broadband-connected content with significant limitations. Because the biggest satellite-TV provider doesn’t use terrestrial connections, it’s been long unable to offer instant play options. Its new plan will store some... More »

Comcast, TiVo Team Up in Boston

National service will roll out later

(Newser) - TiVo and Comcast have rolled out their promised joint service in the Boston area, with national distribution to follow. The service sends TiVo software to Comcast-provided digital video recorders in a first that TiVo hopes to repeat with other cable providers, USA Today reports. TiVo lost hundreds of thousands of... More »

TiVo Changes Tune, Plays Nice with Media

Banner ads, ratings welcome additions for network partners

(Newser) - TiVo isn’t a media pariah anymore, the New York Times reports, thanks to a series of moves to buddy up with networks it once scared. TiVo recently signed a deal to provide NBC with second-by-second ratings of programs, showing exactly which ads people are watching. It has also developed... More »

NBC Looks to TiVo to Help Sell Clients

Network is hoping to corral ad zappers by tapping DVR data

(Newser) - NBC Universal will begin using viewership data gleaned from TiVo digital video recorders beginning in January, making it the first of the major networks to have access to second-by-second ratings of programming and commercials from TiVo, reports the Wall Street Journal. The network hopes TiVo will help it develop effective... More »

Soon, Advertisers Will Get You Too

DVR pioneer Tivo sells demographic data

(Newser) - With cable companies crowding the TV recording industry it once lorded over, TiVo has found a new revenue stream – selling advertisers info about commercial skippers. Already purveyors of minute-by-minute ratings for shows, TiVo will now offer demographic details to hungry advertisers, the Wall Street Journal reports. “I want... More »

How TiVo Can Save Your Show

Replay numbers will give huge boost to many scripted shows

(Newser) - If video killed the radio star, then TiVo might be the salvation of your favorite bad show. Nielson will include DVR playback numbers in this season's ratings, the LA Times reports, which will mean big boosts for some—like CBS’ “Big Bang Theory,” up 13% on playback—and... More »

Dish Network Parent Buys Slingbox

EchoStar will own brand that puts TV on your PC

(Newser) - EchoStar Communications, owner of the Dish Network, has agreed to acquire the maker of the Slingbox for $380 million. The satellite TV provider should close on the deal to buy Sling Media by year’s end, the AP reports. The Slingbox allows any Internet-connected computer to receive standard TV signals. More »

Merriam Makes Ginormous Addition

Main Entry: gi·nor·mous Function: adjective Etymology: gigantic + enormous Date: circa 1948 : extremely large : humongous

(Newser) - The word wranglers at Merriam-Webster have, after 49 long years, admitted 'ginormous' into the company's collegiate dictionary. Other newly approved words include crunk (southern rap music), and the abbreviations DVR and IED.  Also admitted to the class of 2007 were smackdowns, telenovas, gray literature, and microgreen.   Look... More »

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