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BP: It Will Soon Be Only a 'Trickle'

Company optimistic amid growing skepticism

(Newser) - On a day when skepticism about BP's oil-cleaning ways is at a high pitch, take this for what it's worth: The company tells AP that the gushing oil "should be down to a relative trickle by Monday or Tuesday." (Or maybe the key word is "relative."... More »

BP: We've Captured Some Oil

But it's still not clear how effective the new containment lid will be

(Newser) - BP's new contraption has begun collecting oil from its gushing well, but we won't know until later today whether it's going to make a noticeable dent, the company says. "There is flow coming up the pipe," said chief operating officer Doug Suttles on NBC's Today show. "Just... More »

BP: 'Everyone Is Frustrated' With Spill Failures

Next fix attempt won't come until Wednesday

(Newser) - BP tried to mollify the outraged masses today, sending COO Doug Suttles onto all the major network morning talk shows to apologize for his company's failure to stop the oil flowing into the Gulf. “We are doing everything we can, everything I know,” he said on NBC, adding... More »

3 Stories