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BP: 60%-70% Chance 'Top Kill' Will Work

Oozing oil, not confidence

(Newser) - BP 's " containment dome " plan failed big time, and the oil giant is less than confident as it readies its latest and greatest plan for tomorrow: The "top-kill" maneuver, which Reuters reports the company thinks has a 60%-70% chance of succeeding. Tomorrow BP plans to inject... More »

BP Lowers 'Top Hat' Over Oil Spill

They call it 'Top Hat'

(Newser) - BP is trying the “if at first you don't succeed” method of oil spill containment, lowering a second, smaller box over its still-gushing underwater leak. The first box the company tried failed on Saturday, when ice-like crystals formed, making it float, CNN explains. That device was a whopping four... More »

Team Mulls 'Trash Plug' for Oil Leak

'Junk shot' would be blasted into contraption

(Newser) - The team that failed to cap the Gulf oil well with a dome may next try to plug the gusher with trash. The so-called "junk shot" would be used to aid the "blowout preventer" contraption that now sits near the leaker, but hasn't worked to prevent the spill... More »

3 Stories