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Judge Roberts: All Justices Can Rule on Obamacare

Chief justice says Supreme Court peers can't withdraw

(Newser) - The Supreme Court's chief justice yesterday defended the right of his fellow justices to rule on Obamacare, the New York Times reports. John G. Roberts didn't mention justices Clarence Thomas and Elena Kagan by name, but both are facing calls to withdraw from the ruling because of their... More »

Kagan, Sotomayor Breathe New Wind Into Liberals' Sails

'Passionate' Sotomayor, bridge-building Kagan aren't shy during oral arguments

(Newser) - It's a bit like Mean Girls: Supreme Court Edition: After decades of the conservative tongue-lashings of Antonin Scalia dominating oral arguments as liberal justices sat on their hands, new kids Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan are unabashedly adding their voices to the melee. "Slow down from the rhetoric,"... More »

Kagan to Miss Half of Supreme Court's Caseload

Solicitor general post presents conflicts of interest

(Newser) - Elena Kagan began her new gig as a Supreme Court justice today, but thanks to her old gig, she'll miss the action in about half the 51 cases the court has agreed to take on this term. As solicitor general, Kagan drafted briefs for the court for 14 months—exposure... More »

Kagan Refuses to Discuss Her Legal Views

Sessions grills Supreme Court nominee over military controversy

(Newser) - Elena Kagan began today’s round of confirmation questioning by declaring that it would be inappropriate for her to discuss how she might rule on future Supreme Court cases. That's ironic, the New York Times notes, because Kagan once wrote that confirmation hearings had taken on “an air of... More »

What Senators Should Ask Elena Kagan

Confirmation hearings must focus on big picture

(Newser) - The process Elena Kagan once derided as a "vapid and hollow charade" gets under way tomorrow when the solicitor general appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee as President Obama's second Supreme Court nominee. "Instead of playing cat-and-mouse with the nominee about how she would rule in future cases,... More »

Clinton-Era Emails Show a Political, Blunt Kagan

Clinton's library releases 78K pages of correspondence

(Newser) - Elena Kagan shows herself to be hands-on, political, and more than a little, shall we say, blunt, in thousands of pages of emails released by Bill Clinton's presidential library. The release is the third and final handed over for Senate scrutiny ahead of her confirmation hearings, and reveals "There... More »

2 Live Crew Didn't Make Kagan 'So Horny'

Supreme Court nominee argued against banning 'Nasty' rap album

(Newser) - The search through Elena Kagan's work history has yielded an amusing nugget: She went to bat for notoriously sexual rap group 2 Live Crew. In a 1990 brief for the RIAA when she was an associate at a DC law firm, Kagan argued As Nasty as They Wanna Be "... More »

Kagan Testimony 'a Big Deal'

Would-be justice dominates Sunday shows

(Newser) - On the seventh day, Elena Kagan did not rest: The pint-size solicitor general dominated the Sunday shows today, with key Republican Jeff Sessions saying , "She has so little other record" that her coming testimony "is going to be a big deal." Newt Gingrich was disgusted with Kagan's... More »

10 Gay Men Straight Women Find Hot

Plus 2 heartthrobs who may or may not be in the closet

(Newser) - With "is she or isn't she" the hot topic of the week, Irin Carmon of Jezebel leaves behind discussions of the Supreme Court for straight-up eye candy: gay men straight women find hot. See the slideshow for a preview, and click here for the full roster—and two bonus... More »

Yeah, She's a New Yorker. You Got a Problem With That?

Guess what: 80% of Americans also live in metro areas

(Newser) - Conservatives, desperate for some angle from which to attack Elena Kagan, have found a particularly distasteful one, complaining that she's a longtime New Yorker in a court that already has a couple, and hence can't understand the experiences of Americans in the “heartland.” It's an irritating meme, “... More »

Biden: 'Thank God' Kagan Wasn't a Judge

Then-Harvard dean was right to oppose military recruiters: VP

(Newser) - Joe Biden's glad Elena Kagan was never a judge, and he says she was justified in trying to kick military recruiters off the Harvard Law School campus. “She's gonna be a superb justice,” he said on ABC's Good Morning America today. Asked about the military recruiters, he replied,... More »

Add Kagan, and High Court Won't Have Any Protestants

Court rarely reflects country's faith mix well

(Newser) - If Elena Kagan is confirmed, the Supreme Court will have six Catholics, three Jews, and, for the first time in history, not a single Protestant. That might not seem as important as it used to, but Ed Kilgore of FiveThirtyEight decided to take a quick look at the court's historic... More »

Kagan Supports Cameras in Supreme Court

Public could watch "extraordinary" events

(Newser) - Would Elena Kagan support putting cameras in the Supreme Court? Looks like it. C-SPAN footage posted on Mediaite shows the nominee discussing the issue in July 2009. Having cameras in court would allow the public to see "an amazing and extraordinary event," she says. People would see "... More »

Kagan Pick Reveals Savvy Obama Strategy

Prez manages to play it safe and progressive at the same time

(Newser) - President Obama's pick of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court says more about the president than his nominee, writes Glenn Thrush. The president spoke boldly about the need to stand up to big business in his pre-selection talk while privately seeking a safe pick who could be confirmed without much... More »

Steele Fires Opening Salvo Against Kagan

Her crime? Quoting Thurgood Marshall against slavery

(Newser) - If you were hoping for a quick, bipartisan approval process for Elena Kagan, keep dreaming. Michael Steele has put out a statement leaving little doubt that Republicans intend to challenge Kagan any way they can. He criticizes her for trying to bar military recruiters from Harvard Law School's campus, “... More »

Obama Names Kagan to Supreme Court

Calls her a great legal mind

(Newser) - Barack Obama officially announced “our solicitor general, and my friend, Elena Kagan” as his pick to replace John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court today, calling her a trailblazer, a tenacious defender of ordinary citizens, and “one of the nation's foremost legal minds.” He highlighted her ideological... More »

Elena Kagan: More Pragmatic Than Liberal

Elena Kagan's wanted to be a Justice for a long, long time

(Newser) - Elena Kagan posed for her high school yearbook photo wearing a judge's robe and holding a gavel. At 17, she already knew she wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice. “That was a goal from the very beginning,” a classmate at her Upper West Side New York high... More »

Obama Will Nominate Elena Kagan to Supreme Court

President Obama plans to nominate solicitor general for high court seat

(Newser) - President Obama plans to nominate Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court to replace John Paul Stevens tomorrow, MSNBC reports and numerous other sources comfirm. Should Kagan, 50, be confirmed, the high court would have three female justices for the first time. Her nomination marks the first time in 38 years... More »

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