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Steinem, Fonda to Clear Channel, FCC: Dump Rush

Limbaugh's hate speech is eating valuable radio spectrum, feminists say

(Newser) - Three of the biggest names in American feminism—Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem—are calling on the FCC to yank the licenses of channels that air Rush Limbaugh, saying his "degrading" and "dehumanizing" language is not in the public interest. "Spectrum is a scarce government... More »

Google Accused of 'Gaming' FCC Auction

Lawmakers say firm made fake bids to trigger open access

(Newser) - Republican lawmakers are charging that Google manipulated an FCC bandwidth auction to get a free ride on the airwaves, PC World reports. The internet giant is accused of bidding purely to bump up the price to a level where rules trigger open access—and then walking away, leaving Verizon to... More »

Divvying Up the Global Airwaves

A new deal approaches for who gets to use which frequencies

(Newser) - Industry and diplomats are close to hammering out a new deal for dividing up the worldwide radio spectrum. It's a crowded field, with phone companies, TV networks, and gadget-makers jostling with militaries and governments at a month-long conference. Part of the issue: a big new slice of the airwaves is... More »

Scientists Stumped by Blast From Outer Space

Mysterious pulse could be sign of black hole evaporating or supernovas colliding

(Newser) - A bizarre burst from outer space has scientists talking black holes and colliding stars, Physorg reports — and may even help us "determine the amount of material in intergalactic space," one researcher says. The radio waves, which were measured in milliseconds, might be a blast from 2 superdense... More »

Get Ready for the Googlephone

Company showing prototypes in bid to break into cell phone ad market

(Newser) - Google is spending hundreds of millions of dollars secretly developing a cell phone which offers Google search technology and other services, reports the London Independent. Prototype phones have been shown to several wireless carriers. The company is poised to bid on wireless spectrum licenses in the upcoming federal auction, which... More »

Airwaves Sale to Break Open Cell Phone Biz

New access could loosen grip of telecom giants

(Newser) - An auction of government-owned frequencies could break open the cell phone industry and loosen the grip of giant telecom carriers, the Wall Street Journal reports. The FCC is likely to set aside a band of radio-spectrum frequencies for an open network free of restraints imposed by Verizon and AT&T.... More »

6 Stories