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One Guy From Home Caused Flash Crash? This Is 'Parody'

Michael Lewis says there's much yet to learn from this 'spoofing' case

(Newser) - Five years after the infamous "flash crash" of the Dow, financial regulators think they've got a key culprit, and the case is rather astonishing, writes Michael Lewis at Bloomberg View . Navinder Singh Sarao isn't the villain you might expect, and a question posed by Lewis gets to... More »

Brokerage Accused of Stealing $215M

PFGBest declares bankruptcy in wake of founder's suicide attempt

(Newser) - PFGBest declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy last night, after the Commodity Futures Trading Commission filed a lawsuit accusing it of fraud, lying to regulators, and abusing customer funds. Regulators believe Russell Wasendorf, who tried to kill himself Monday, had been fabricating bank balances and forging signatures on the documents he submitted... More »

Emails Offer Clues to Missing MF Global Millions

$200M of customer cash transferred to JPMorgan

(Newser) - Investigators on the trail of the $1.2 billion in customer funds still missing after the collapse of MF Global have found emails detailing money transfers made in the securities firm's dying days at the end of October. One email chain details the transfer of $200 million—believed to... More »

Feds Sue Big Oil Traders for Goosing Prices

Regulators say they scored $50M by manipulating '08 spike

(Newser) - Federal regulators have charged a pair of big-time traders and their firms with illegally manipulating oil prices during the 2008 oil crisis. According to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the firms made $50 million in “unlawful profits” by hoarding nearly two-thirds of the oil available in one major US... More »

SEC: Don't Blame Fat Fingers for Market Freefall

Feds don't know reason, but don't think it was a typo

(Newser) - Those hoping for a simple answer to what caused last week's stock market collapse—a typo caused by a so-called "fat finger" trading error, for instance, or maybe a malicious hacker—will be disappointed with the testimony of federal regulators today on Capitol Hill. While they simply don't know... More »

5 Stories