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Jamie Oliver Can't Save Us; Maybe Undercover Boss Can

Essay: Chubby Americans need to re-learn what it means to work

(Newser) - Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is fighting the good fight against the obesity epidemic with his Food Revolution reality show, trying to get Americans to choose "seasonal parsnips over a burger with fries," writes Stephen Marche. Sadly, he's doomed to fail. Americans love to chow down, and the problem... More »

5 Reality Shows That Shouldn't Be Popular

James Hibberd explains why we love them

(Newser) - Sure, some reality shows are undeniably awful (Keeping Up With the Kardashians, anyone?) yet ridiculously popular. But there are other, less trainwrecky shows that manage to succeed—in spite of the fact that they really sound like they shouldn’t. James Hibberd offers up the top five in the Hollywood ... More »

2 Stories