sectarian violence

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Militants Strike Town Just 37 Miles From Baghdad

Meanwhile, Sunnis killed inside the capital

(Newser) - The battle for Iraq is getting uncomfortably close to its capital city. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants briefly took over parts of the city of Baquba, which is just 37 miles from Baghdad, the BBC reports. The Iraqi military and allied Shiite militias eventually drove them off—and... More »

Iraq Shuts 10 TV Channels for Broadcasting 'Hype'

Al Jazeera, 9 others blamed for surge in violence

(Newser) - Iraq has ordered al-Jazeera and nine other TV stations off the air, accusing them of causing the sectarian conflict that has killed more than 200 people over the last week. The move came after the stations—all but one of which is Sunni-owned—covered a raid by security forces on... More »

Syria Using Militias for Mass Killings: UN

As more than 2.5M displaced by civil war

(Newser) - The latest travesty the Syrian government has been accused of: using local militias to carry out mass killings. UN human rights investigators say these "Popular Committees" commit killings that sometimes have "sectarian overtones," Reuters reports. (The rebels in Syria are mainly Sunni Muslims, while President Bashar al-Assad... More »

Pentagon Accused of Organizing Shiite Torture Squads

Witnesses put key US military personnel at torture sites

(Newser) - The Pentagon directly oversaw the creation of a Shiite militia force that set up secret detention sites and tortured opponents during the US occupation of Iraq, as part of American attempts to put down the budding Sunni insurgency, according to a new report by the Guardian that is being called... More »

Burma Boosts Security as Sectarian Violence Kills 50

Curfew imposed after 1K houses set on fire

(Newser) - Burmese authorities are sending extra security forces to a volatile region where at least 50 people have been killed and more than 1,000 homes burned in recent days in a fresh outbreak of violent clashes between Buddhists and Muslims, CNN reports. They've also lengthened curfews in several towns,... More »

Iraq Toll Tops 100 as Bombs Hit Baghdad

Second round of bombings kill 51 more in Baghdad

(Newser) - Six more car bombs in Shiite neighborhoods in Baghdad yesterday evening killed at least 51 more people, bringing the day's death toll to 109, as Sunni militants reacted fiercely to the death sentence given to a prominent Sunni vice president, reports NBC News . A series of attacks earlier in... More »

Security Forces Probed After Iraq Bombs Kill 40

Guards may have been bribed to allow attacks on Shias

(Newser) - At least 40 people were killed in bombings across Iraq yesterday ahead of a major Shia religious pilgrimages. Several of the bombings happened at marketplace and officials suspect security forces were bribed by al-Qaeda-linked Sunni extremists, the AP reports. In the deadliest bombing, a suicide bomber killed at least 30... More »

Bombs Across Iraq Kill 63 Pilgrims

Attacks target Shiite pilgrims headed to Baghdad site

(Newser) - A series of coordinated car bombs went off in at least five Iraqi cities today, killing 63 people in one of the deadliest attacks since US forces left the country. The blasts appeared to be the third attack this week targeting Shiite pilgrims en route to the Baghdad neighborhood of... More »

Biden Tells Iraqis to Mend Fences —Like, Now

VP urges Maliki to strengthen coalition with Kurds, Sunnis

(Newser) - Joe Biden called Iraqi officials today, urging them to calm rising sectarian tensions after a bombing killed at least 63 people there earlier this week, the AP reports. Biden and other US officials have been phoning Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as well as Sunni and Kurdish leaders all week, asking... More »

200 Dead in New Nigeria Religious Violence

Hundreds flee villages

(Newser) - Machete-wielding rioters hacked at least 200 people to death yesterday in the latest wave of religious violence in Nigeria. Nearly all of the victims were Christians in the attacks on 3 villages, where rioters were out for revenge for earlier killings of Muslims in Jos. The dead lined the streets... More »

Why Iraq Bombs Aren't Sparking Civil War

(Newser) - Iraq was rocked by two deadly, possibly destabilizing bombings this weekend, but the proof is in the reprisals, Larry Kaplow writes in Newsweek—and there were none. “Iraq today is a different place than it was when ethnic conflict threatened to engulf the country in 2006,” Kaplow continues.... More »

Dozens Killed in New Wave of Iraq Bombings

(Newser) - A series of bomb attacks in Baghdad and Mosul killed at least 41 people today and raised fears of a new upsurge in sectarian violence, the BBC reports. In Mosul, where an attack on a Shia mosque killed 40 people Friday, a double truck bomb killed 25 people in a... More »

Pakistan Muslims Torch Christian Houses; 6 Dead

Crowd avenges alleged Koran desecration

(Newser) - Six people are dead after Muslim protesters torched houses in a Christian neighborhood of Pakistan’s Gojra City yesterday, CNN reports. The demonstrators, who were protesting an alleged desecration of the Koran at a Christian wedding last weekend, set fire to between 40 and 50 houses. A crowd burned 15... More »

Suicide Bomb Kills 50 in Iraq

Blast at Shia mosque occurs hours after PM's warning

(Newser) - At least 50 people were killed in Iraq today when a truck bomb detonated near a crowd of worshipers leaving a Shiite mosque near Kirkuk, Reuters reports. The bombing occurred only hours after Nouri al-Maliki warned the country that terrorist violence may increase as the planned June 30 withdrawal of... More »

Racist Attacks Target Romanians in Belfast

Immigrants to Northern Irish capital fear for lives

(Newser) - More than 100 Romanian immigrants in the Northern Ireland capital of Belfast have been moved into a shelter after a series of racist attacks on their homes. A Protestant paramilitary group is suspected of orchestrating the violence, which has included bricks thrown through windows and death threats against a baby.... More »

Fear Returns to Baghdad

(Newser) - The recent spate of violence in Iraq may pale in comparison to the relentless suicide bombings of 2006, but Baghdad is beginning to hunker down in fear again, the Los Angeles Times reports. Residents are curtailing their public activities, checking in with each other more often to make sure family... More »

20 Dead in Pakistan Mosque Blast

Suicide bomber strikes annual religious event

(Newser) - At least 20 people were killed in a suicide bombing early this morning at a Pakistani mosque, reports CNN. The blast tore through a crowd at the mosque's front gate as worshipers gathered for an annual event in the Punjab province. Sectarian violence has been mounting in the Punjab in... More »

'Real IRA' Claims It Killed 2 UK Soldiers

Prime minister rips 'evil, cowardly' ambush

(Newser) - An organization called "The Real IRA" claimed responsibility today for killing two British soldiers at a Northern Ireland army base, the Independent reports. Four other people, including two pizza delivery men, were seriously wounded in the drive-by ambush, reports the Times of London. The attack occurred just miles... More »

Former Iraqi PM: Bush an 'Utter Failure'

Allawi had been appointed by US after Saddam's fall

(Newser) - The Iraqi prime minister installed by Washington after the fall of Saddam Hussein has blasted President Bush’s policies as an “utter failure,” Reuters reports. In an interview with an Arab newspaper, Iyad Allawi said Bush’s “insistence on names like ‘democracy’ and ‘open elections,... More »

Sunni-Shiite Tensions Rattle Baghdad Nabes

Displaced Shiites fearful of returning to homes surrounded by Sunnis

(Newser) - Sectarian violence in Iraq may be on the wane, but bitter tension between Sunnis and Shiites continue to tear apart neighborhoods, the New York Times reports. Only 7,112 of the 151,000 families who left Baghdad to escape the bloodshed have returned, and poor rural Sunnis have moved into... More »

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