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California Is Going After Its Farting Cows

It's all part of Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to fight climate change

(Newser) - California Gov. Jerry Brown kept up his assault on climate change Monday, pushing through a law meant to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from dairy farms and landfills. "You know, when Noah wanted to build his ark, most of the people laughed at him?" Brown said, per the Sacramento Bee , adding... More »

Puzzling Ocean Buzz Could Be Fish Farts

Scientists say the Pacific Ocean is filled with strange sound at dusk and dawn

(Newser) - When scientists first started hearing an odd noise emanating from the depths of the Pacific Ocean a few years ago, they didn't know what to think. The sound (described as a continuous humming or buzzing that only happens at certain times of day) wasn't from typical ocean activity... More »

Yep, the Rumors Are True: Hitler Only Had One Testicle

A German professor says medical records from 1923 can put the rumors to rest

(Newser) - Good news for the many on the planet weirdly fascinated by rumors about Adolf Hitler's genitals: It has long been suggested that Hitler only had one testicle—there's even a British schoolyard song that mocks him for it—and that it was a shrapnel casualty in World War... More »

Why We Fart More on Airplanes

Danish physician probes the science of flatulence

(Newser) - When someone passes gas at 35,000 feet, there's nowhere to hide—so a Danish doctor has come up with ways to fart less on airplanes and better disguise the odor when we do, the BBC reports. The doctor, Jacob Rosenberg, says the topic grabbed him on a long... More »

Silent but Healthy: Sniffing Farts Is Good for You

Or say scientists at the University of Exeter

(Newser) - To put it one way, small doses of hydrogen sulfide help keep cells healthy and thus help ward off maladies such as dementia, diabetes, and even cancer. To put it another way, "smelling farts could be the best thing you do today," as per CNET . As the Independent ... More »

Study Reveals Why Pilots' Farts Can Be Dangerous

...but passengers' are fine

(Newser) - Need to pass gas on a plane? No worries—assuming you're a passenger, says an oddball new study. In fact, researchers encourage you to go right ahead: Pressure changes associated with flying do indeed make us more gassy, and holding it means potential indigestion and heartburn, AFP reports. If... More »

Feds: Flatulent Worker No Problem After All

Social Security officials rescind reprimand against employee

(Newser) - That smell over in cubicle four? Let's not worry about it, Social Security officials have decided. The federal agency had reprimanded an employee last month for allegedly disrupting work "by passing gas and releasing an unpleasant odor," reports Today . The letter came with a timestamped log that... More »

Culprit in Prehistoric Climate Change: Dinosaur Farts

Dino flatulence could be to blame, says new study

(Newser) - Dinosaurs may have their own flatulence to thank for the warm climate—about 18 degrees hotter—when they roamed the Earth back 150 million years or so ago. During the Mesozoic era, the creatures likely generated 520 million metric tons of methane every year, researchers find. That's not too... More »

11-Year-Old Punished for Farting on Bus

Flatulence gets boy an hour of detention

(Newser) - An apparently gassy 6th grader found himself in detention last week after he farted several times on his school bus. The detention notice said it was his second offense, but “it was an accident,” Christian Summers tells Fox 8 Cleveland . “I thought it was pretty dumb.”... More »

Inventor of Fart-Proof Blanket Tells All

He let one go while hunting, and the rest is history

(Newser) - The guy who invented the anti-stink blanket to keep marriages intact—see the viral video in the gallery—talks to Salon and comes off as ... surprisingly normal. Frank Bibbo is a former biology teacher who now runs his own bio-engineering consulting business. He got the inspiration for the Better Marriage... More »

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