Mark Zuckerberg sex maniac

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Facebook Squirms Over 'Privacy Panic' Huddle

Meet part of usual 'open culture,' say nervous execs

(Newser) - Facebook officials are scrambling to downplay an emergency meeting reportedly held to address mounting public fury as the company mines users' private information to boost profits. Senators have called on Facebook officials to rethink the latest privacy breaches, hordes of users are deleting their accounts and European Internet experts have... More »

Facebook Movie Paints Zuckerberg as 'Sex Maniac'

Dramatized account of website's early years depicts founder as 'conniver'

(Newser) - The screenplay for a forthcoming movie about the origins of Facebook depicts founder Mark Zuckerberg as a "borderline-autistic conniver" and "sex maniac," the Times of London reports . The Social Network dates the start of the website to February 2004, when—according to the "highly dramatized" script—... More »

2 Stories