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Dozens Busted in 'Fight for $15' Fast-Food Protests

Demonstrators nationwide demand $15 an hour

(Newser) - Dozens of protesters have been arrested in at least two cities so far today during nationwide protests seeking $15 an hour for fast-food workers, reports the AP . At least three people in McDonald's work clothes in New York's Times Square and about two dozen demonstrators at a Detroit... More »

Detroit's Pokey 911 Dispatchers May Face Charges

Woman shot; another stabbed to death amid slow response times

(Newser) - Detroit 911 dispatchers were slow to send cops during two recent emergencies that ended in tragedy; now, police are mulling criminal charges for the dispatchers. Last week, a woman called 911 multiple times as an argument turned dangerous, her mother says. Police say there were six calls in total; it... More »

Grandma Recounts Night Cops Killed 7-Year-Old

Tells trial cops 'came to kill' in 2010 raid that left granddaughter dead

(Newser) - Beneath a multi-colored quilt of Disney cartoon characters, 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones lay peacefully on the living room couch of her grandmother's first-floor Detroit flat. Within seconds, a stun grenade smashed through a window, exploding over the couch. Armed, black-clad and masked police officers swarmed into the living room and,... More »

Woman Killed by Hugging Off-Duty Police Officer

Adaisha Miller accidentally shot in the heart, police say

(Newser) - A Detroit woman who hugged an off-duty police officer this weekend died when his holstered handgun suddenly went off, WDIV Detroit reports. Adaisha Miller, 24, began dancing with Officer Issac Parrish at a party, wrapping her arms around him, when the gun discharged and hit her in the lung and... More »

Gunman IDed in Detroit Police Shooting

Lamar Moore may have been related to man facing murder sentence

(Newser) - Police have identified the gunman who opened fire in a Detroit police precinct yesterday as Lamar Moore, 38. Moore, who was killed in return fire, is thought to have been related to a man set for sentencing today in a double homicide, said the city’s police chief. The four... More »

Reality TV Crew at Cop Shooting of Girl

A&E staff may have footage of killing

(Newser) - A reality television crew was on the scene when 7-year-old Aiyana Jones was shot by a Detroit police officer, and may have filmed the killing. The film crew of A&E's First 48 Hours accompanied cops as they sought a homicide suspect in a home. During a struggle with Aiyana's... More »

6 Stories