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Champagne Spill Lands Peace Prize Supporter in Jail

Hong Kong woman arrested for accidental splash at Nobel celebration

(Newser) - A woman was arrested in Hong Kong yesterday for accidentally splashing a guard while she commemorated Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Peace Prize win with some bubbly. Ip Ho-yee, 22, was celebrating outside China's main government office in Hong Kong when her celebratory champagne splashed an unsuspecting guard. "It was a... More »

Missouri Judges Weigh Prison Cost in Sentencing

'Smart sentencing' draws fire from prosecutors

(Newser) - We all know the punishment should fit the crime, but what if the punishment costs too much? Along with sentencing guidelines and legal statutes, Missouri judges now have state-supplied information on the bottom line of what various sentencing scenarios will cost. They'd know, for instance, that a three-year sentence for... More »

Calif. Candidate Floats 'Pedophile Island' Plan

To be run by pedophile cops, judges, firefighters

(Newser) - A fringe candidate for California governor wading into deep waters is pitching a plan to ship pedophiles to an an island unless they either promise to leave California forever or spend the rest of their lives in prison. Under the plan, they'd be shipped to Santa Rosa Island, part of... More »

3 Stories