vodka eyeballing

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Colbert Shines Light on Vodka Tampon Trend

And by 'shines light on' we mean 'mocks mercilessly'

(Newser) - Parents, do you know what your teenagers are doing with their vodka? How about their feminine hygiene products? Because odds are they’re soaking the latter in the former and sticking them in their you-know-wheres, high school security cop Chris Thomas tells KPHO 5 in Phoenix, saying the phenomenon is... More »

Dumbest New Drinking Game: Vodka 'Eyeballing'

Obviously, shooting vodka through your eye can cause long-term damage

(Newser) - Shooting vodka not a quick enough path to drunkenness for you? Try shooting it through your eye. “Vodka eyeballing,” which the Daily Mail claims is the latest trend to sweep Britain’s universities, supposedly gives an instant high, although some wonder if “eyeballers” are already so drunk... More »

2 Stories