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How Roomba Caused a 'Pooptastrophe'

Robotic vacuum maker rapped for spreading filth; rep says 'we see this a lot'

(Newser) - It seemed like a good idea. While his family slept, Jesse Newton programmed his Roomba to vacuum the living room of their Little Rock house. It seemed like a "lifesaver" with 4-year-old son Evan leaving crumbs everywhere and 1-year-old puppy Evie shedding fur, wife Kelly Newton told BuzzFeed . What... More »

Would-Be Truck Thief Grabs Bag— of Dog Poop

Must have been a nice surprise

(Newser) - It's a small consolation for a Des Moines man who woke to find that somebody had broken into his truck and messed with the steering column in a failed attempt to steal the vehicle. Police say the would-be thief then rummaged around the bed of the truck and made... More »

DNA Poop Tests Find 'Lazy' Dog Owners

BioPet Vet Lab says 1K places have used its service

(Newser) - Frustrated with dog owners who refuse to clean up after their pets, an increasing number of apartments in Seattle are opting to use DNA testing to identify the culprits. The Seattle Times reports that a company called BioPet Vet Lab from Knoxville, Tennessee, is providing its PooPrints testing kits to... More »

Calif. Mayor Resigns Over Bag of Dog Poop

Dennis Kneier was caught on video

(Newser) - A California mayor has really stepped in it. Dennis Kneier, mayor of San Marino, tossed a bag of dog poop into his neighbor's driveway—and, unfortunately for him, the moment was caught on video. He's resigning immediately over the incident, CBS 2 reports. "As is well known,... More »

Town Delivers Dog Poop Back to Owners Who Didn't Pick It Up

Brunete has seen drastic reduction in offenses, official says

(Newser) - A Spanish town has come up with an innovative way to deal with the problem of dog owners who don't clean up after their pets: mail the poop back to the owners. Officials in Brunete recruited 20 volunteers to keep an eye out for offenders, the Local reports. When... More »

Now Your Dog Poop Can Pay for WiFi

'Poo WiFi' heading to Mexico City's parks

(Newser) - Mexico City's parks are about to get wireless Internet—and a whole lot cleaner. Mexican Internet provider Terra is setting up stations where dog owners can deposit Fido's leavings in exchange for free WiFi, broadcast from bone-shaped routers, CNET reports. Need more time online? Give your dog a... More »

Dog Poop Lottery Cleans Up City

Taiwan residents collect 14,500 bags' worth for chance at prize

(Newser) - Faced with an excess of dog mess, a Taiwanese city developed a novel solution: Scoop the poop and win a prize. Sounds like it worked. Some 4,000 people presented authorities in New Taipei City with 14,500 bags of feces, cutting local dog poop by half, the BBC reports.... More »

DNA Tests Nab Poop-Scoop Scofflaws

Apartment buildings require dog DNA samples for tracking

(Newser) - Here's the scoop: Some apartment complexes are using DNA testing on dog doo to find out who's not cleaning up after their pets. A new complex in New Hampshire, for example, is requiring residents to submit samples from their dogs so DNA profiles can be put on file.... More »

Dog Poop Lights Park Lamp

Site turns waste into electricity

(Newser) - A dog park in Cambridge, Mass., is being lit up by the excrement of the dogs who visit, reports Fast Company . Dogwalkers are encouraged to deposit their pets' waste at a methane digester called the Park Spark, which then turns into a burnable gas that powers a lamppost. The team... More »

Condo With Poop Problem Wants to DNA-Test Dogs

'I feel like I'm living in a "Seinfeld " episode,' says one owner

(Newser) - A luxury condo in Baltimore has gone to the dogs, its owners complain, and the solution is obvious: have all the resident canines' DNA tested to identify the miscreant who's been leaving droppings around the place. The plan, to be voted on tonight, will cost owners of dogs—including guests—... More »

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