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Adele Just Broke a Big Sales Record

That was previously held by a boy band

(Newser) - Not shocking: Adele's 25 is selling like mad since it was released Friday. Somewhat shocking: The record it just broke was previously held by ... *NSYNC. As Billboard reports, 25 had sold at least 2,433,000 copies as of Monday, meaning that in just over three days of sales,... More »

Why Nielsen's Twitter TV Ratings Are a Con

Beejoli Shah: It's just a scam to make Twitter and Nielsen more money

(Newser) - Nielsen's new Twitter TV ratings have been the subject of much hype—but the hype is just that, says Beejoli Shah at Defamer : "It's a load of crap solely designed to make Twitter rich and keep Nielsen richer," she writes, offering several reasons why. To start... More »

Nielsen Now Rating Twitter Buzz

Launches Twitter TV Ratings—but do advertisers care?

(Newser) - Nielsen launched a new ratings system today, but it doesn't measure what people are watching on TV. Instead, it tracks what TV shows people are tweeting about. The Twitter TV Ratings dig deep into the data to find out not just how many times a show was mentioned on... More »

Nielsen to Add iPads, Xbox, Streaming to TV Ratings

It hopes to have new software in place this year

(Newser) - With fewer people watching TV in the traditional manner and more turning to broadband, iPads, and even the Xbox or PlayStation, the Nielsen Co. plans to expand how it measures program ratings, reports the Hollywood Reporter . By September, Nielsen expects to have new hardware and software in its 23,000... More »

Record Low TV Ratings for World Series

Previous record held by 2008, 2010 series

(Newser) - The San Francisco Giants' sweep of the Detroit Tigers set a record low for the World Series' television ratings. The four games on Fox averaged a 7.6 rating and 12 share, Nielsen Media Research says. The previous low was an 8.4 for the 2008 Phillies-Rays and 2010 Giants-Rangers... More »

Oprah Winfrey: Sorry for Begging for OWN Viewers

Tweet got talk show queen in trouble with Nielsen

(Newser) - We all know the Oprah Winfrey Network is struggling with ratings —but apparently the situation is so bad that Winfrey herself felt the need to tweet a request for viewers on Sunday night, as the Grammys were airing. "Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if... More »

Conan Ratings Tanking

O'Brien's TV viewership has plunged 60% since show debut

(Newser) - Conan O'Brien is bombing on late-night TV and it's hitting TBS hard in the pocketbook. Viewership of his program has plunged some 60% since its debut last fall. TBS forked out a $12 million annual salary for the funnyman and boasted that Conan was going to be the... More »

96.7% of Homes Have TVs, 1st Drop in 20 Years

Rocky economy, online TV to blame: Nielsen

(Newser) - The rocky economy and an upswing in Internet viewing contribute to a surprising new statistic: In America, 96.7% of households have a television set—down from 98.9% previously. It's the first such drop in two decades, the New York Times notes. The Nielsen Company, which collected the... More »

Few People Actually Pay for Apps

Only 13% have done so, says new study

(Newser) - Apps have captured the popular imagination and made smartphone makers' mouths water with the thought of a new revenue source. But a new survey from Nielsen and the Pew Research Center casts doubt on the size of the current market:
  • Only 13% of adults have ever paid for an app,
... More »

Americans Want 3DTVs —Until They Watch One

Then their interest is cut in half

(Newser) - American consumers are eager to buy 3DTVs, until they actually try to watch one. In a new Nielsen study, 25% said they were “very likely” to buy a 3DTV in the next year. But after donning the glasses for themselves, that number dropped to just 12%, while the number... More »

Leno Ends Ratings Freefall

His recent shows have held steady in the ratings or improved

(Newser) - A turning point for Jay Leno? For about two weeks now, episodes of the Leno Show have either held steady in the ratings or improved, reversing a trend that started soon after the program’s debut in September. On the eve of Thanksgiving, for instance, every broadcast program was down—... More »

DVRs Aren't Killing TV, They're Saving It

Turns out nearly half of viewers don't skip commercials

(Newser) - A year ago, TV networks were terrified of the DVR. The devices allowed viewers to skip commercials on playback, and who, given the choice, would watch TV commercials? Lots of people, it turns out. TV watching is such an inherently lazy activity that many viewers can’t summon the energy... More »

Addicted to Facebook? You're Likely Urban and Affluent

MySpace users tend to be poorer

(Newser) - Facebook and Twitter users are more likely to be urban and affluent than the rest of the US population, according to a new Nielsen study, while MySpace aficionados tend to have lower incomes. People in the top third of the income bracket are 25% more likely to use Facebook than... More »

TV Companies Team Up to Take On Nielsen

(Newser) - A  group of media companies has joined forces with major advertisers to challenge Nielsen's dominance in TV ratings measurement, the Financial Times reports. The firms involved—including NBC, Time Warner, Disney, and Procter & Gamble—aim to have their rival audience measurement scheme up and running by next month,... More »

Social Networking Now Trumps Email: Nielsen

Social networking explosion attracting users but not advertisers

(Newser) - Social networking has become more popular than email—but that popularity hasn't translated into profitability, a new Nielsen study finds. Social networking "member communities" such as Facebook are now the most popular Internet activity, according to Nielsen's figures, attracting 67% of global Internet users and still growing fast. Email... More »

Obama Spot Snags 22% of Viewers

Buying time on all networks but ABC still misses most in major markets

(Newser) - Just about a fifth of watchers in big US media markets tuned in to last night’s Barack Obama infomercial, even though the spot aired on four of five major networks, the Chicago Tribune reports. The highest ratings were in Baltimore, where a little less than a third of families... More »

VP Debate Draws Record 69.9M

Shatters the 56.9M for Ferraro-Bush in 1984, and well above McCain-Obama I

(Newser) - Last night’s vice presidential debate drew 69.9 million viewers, shattering the record for such an event, Broadcasting & Cable reports. The 1984 encounter between VP candidates Geraldine Ferraro and George H.W. Bush drew 56.9 million; the record for a campaign debate is 80.6 million for... More »

Obama's Veep Text Reached Record 2.9M

Scooped text is nation's 'largest mobile marketing event'

(Newser) - Barack Obama's cell phone text to supporters naming Joe Biden as his running mate reached 2.9 million people, according to Nielsen—enough for a $290,000 bill at normal text rates. The statistics company ranks the message the nation's "single largest mobile marketing event" to date. More »

Digital Switch May KO Ratings

9.4% of US households are 'completely unready' for death of analog TV

(Newser) - Almost 25 million US homes own at least one set that will go dark when broadcast TV switches to digital next year—which could wreak havoc on ratings, the New York Times reports. Roughly 17% of network prime-time viewers are using unprepared TVs, according to Nielsen. Secondary TVs, like those... More »

Web Preempts Boob Tube

Millions of viewers stream shows on demand

(Newser) - If you watch “The Office” or “Ugly Betty” online, you’re among millions of consumers who have forsaken the boob tube. Nielsen recently found that 25% of Internet users had watched TV online in the last three months. “It has become a mainstream behavior in an extraordinarily... More »

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