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Ellis: I Want Scott Disick for American Psycho

Kardashian BF should be in remake: author

(Newser) - If you are somehow not already creeped out by Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend and babydaddy Scott Disick, this should do the trick: None other than Bret Easton Ellis himself wants Disick for the planned American Psycho remake, the New York Post reports. "I have warned Lionsgate that I will... More »

Bret Easton Ellis: Women Can't Direct

Female directors lack 'male gaze,' author says

(Newser) - Bret Easton Ellis is likely to find himself scratched from a few Christmas card lists over a MovieLine interview in which he insists women aren't made to be good movie directors. "There’s something about the medium of film itself that I think requires the male gaze," said... More »

2 Stories