Jordan Romero Everest

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US Climber, 15, Sets 7-Peak Record

Jordan Romero has climbed tallest mountain on each continent

(Newser) - While most of you were busily sucking down eggnog, Jordan Romero, the boy mountain climber who became the youngest to scale Mt. Everest , was down in Antarctica setting a seven-peak record. The 15-year-old reached the summit of Mt. Vinson Massif yesterday, making him the youngest to climb the tallest peak... More »

9 Kid Adventurers With Crazy Parents

Would you let your teen sail around the world?

(Newser) - Abby Sunderland’s dad may or may not have been attempting to cash in on his daughter’s solo sailing trip with a reality show—either way, should her parents have let her go? The Daily Beast thinks not, and offers up a list of other youngsters whose daredevil “... More »

Calif. Boy, 13, Tackles Everest

Climbers split on wisdom of Jordan Romero's quest

(Newser) - Nothing but a treacherous climb up Mount Everest's northeast face now stands between a California teen and his dream of being the youngest person to ever scale the highest peaks on seven continents, but some say that at 13, Jordan Romero is just too young. The boy's body can probably... More »

3 Stories