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A TV Critic's Lament: There's Too Much to Watch

Alan Sepinwall can't keep up

(Newser) - Alan Sepinwall of Hitfix is a respected TV critic who loves his job. He's just not sure you can entirely trust his judgment anymore because of the crazy amount of shows out there. He pulls some stats from FX to make the point: In 2002, 28 original scripted dramas... More »

Critics 'Despise' Leno—But Audiences Adore Him

NBC is making a mistake: Howard Kurtz

(Newser) - To hear the media tell it, it's about time NBC kicked Jay Leno to the curb . TV critics hate Leno—you can see it in the way they're covering this newest debacle—but most of the country loves him, Howard Kurtz points out on CNN . Leno has the... More »

We Need Better TV Critics

Shows are getting smarter, but criticism isn't

(Newser) - If it's true that television is becoming the "future of the filmed narrative"—and just listen to all that chirping in academia about The Wire—then it's time for smarter TV critics, writes Vadim Rizov. The job goes beyond just snarking at the latest episode of American Idol.... More »

3 Stories