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$220M Sand Berms Captured .02% of Gulf Oil

They cost $220 million and caught a 'minuscule' amount of oil

(Newser) - Louisiana spent $220 million of BP's money to build sand berms along its coast to catch oil from the big spill—and they didn't catch very much at all, says a scathing government report. It found the berms collected maybe 1,000 barrels of the estimated 5 million spilled. By... More »

Jindal to US: We're Not Waiting for You

Sand berms will go without Army Corps of Engineers OK

(Newser) - Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says the state is not waiting for federal approval to begin building sand barriers to protect the coastline from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Jindal's defiant comments today came as oil pushed at least 12 miles into the heart of Louisiana's marshes. Two major pelican... More »

2 Stories